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Warbird Radio's Matt Jolley Hosts Official Podcast of Air Force Historical Foundation

WARBIRD RADIO - Matt Jolley, a National Edward R. Murrow Award recipient, air show announcer, and founder of, a prominent voice in military aviation history, is set to host a groundbreaking podcast series in collaboration with the Air Force Historical Foundation. Titled "Know The Past -- Shape The Future," the podcast aims to delve into the lives and experiences of individuals who have left an indelible mark on the history of the US Air and Space forces, while also shaping its future. The inaugural episode features none other than former astronaut Dr. Jan Davis, who talks about her new book, Air Born: Two Generations In Flight.

Dr. Davis, known for her remarkable contributions to space exploration, joins Matt in a captivating journey through not only her illustrious career, but that of her late father, a WWII B-17 pilot flying over Europe. Davis earned her place in history by embarking on three space flights, accumulating over 673 hours in space. Her missions, not only propelled her into the cosmos but also paved the way for advancements in space science and technology.

The debut episode of "Know The Past -- Shape The Future" offers listeners a rare opportunity to accompany Dr. Jan Davis as she retraces her path to the stars, and draws connections between her own experiences and those of her father's flying during WWII. Hosted by Warbird Radio's Matt Jolley, the podcast promises to uncover untold stories and insights from individuals who have left an indelible mark on the history of air and space exploration.

To tune into this captivating series and hear Dr. Jan Davis's remarkable journey, listeners are encouraged to subscribe to the show for free on their preferred podcast platform. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from those who have shaped history and will continue to shape the future of aerospace innovation.


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