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P-51 Display Pilot RT Dickson Shares News On Flying The B-29 DOC & His F-86 Restoration!

WARBIRD RADIO - Hold onto your seats, because we've got an electrifying episode lined up for you on! Join us as we welcome the incomparable airshow pilot, RT Dickson, to the show.

Renowned for his performances in the iconic P-51 Mustang "Swamp Fox," RT Dickson's flights are a mesmerizing display of skill and passion. But that's just the beginning—get ready to be riveted as RT gets real regarding the journey behind the restoration of his F-86 Saber Jet "Patricia II." With every rivet, RT's dedication to preserving aviation history shines through. Plus, RT also shares news about becoming a rated pilot on the B-29 "Doc".

Want to catch RT Dickson in action? Look no further! Head over to for all the latest updates on airshow dates and locations. And don't forget to follow @swampfoxp51 on social media to stay in the loop with all the thrilling aerial adventures!

Tune in to and join us as we take flight with one of the most celebrated pilots in the business. From the roaring engines to the breathtaking maneuvers, this is one episode you won't want to miss!

P.S. Check out the photo gallery below for the latest images of the F-86 restoration! Plus, a major shoutout to RT's sponsor CONCORDE BATTERY! They look great right up front!

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