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An Inside Look at Safety Practices with Legendary Warbird Instructor Thom Richard

WARBIRD RADIO - As Warbird Radio's Safety Month continues, we are thrilled to spotlight a true luminary in the field: the legendary warbird instructor, Thom Richard. With an illustrious career spanning air racing, air show demonstrations, and exemplary instruction, Thom is a beacon of expertise and safety in the skies. Thom Richard isn't just your average pilot; he's a titan in the world of aviation. As the owner of Warbird Adventures and the visionary behind the American Dream SkyRanch, he has cultivated a haven for aviation enthusiasts seeking top-tier training coupled with unparalleled hospitality.

At the heart of Richard's enterprise is Warbird Adventures, a premier institution offering insurance-approved training courses that set the standard for excellence in the industry. From the iconic AT-6 "Texan" to an array of other meticulously maintained aircraft, Thom and his team provide a diverse range of courses tailored to every pilot's needs and aspirations.

What sets Warbird Adventures apart is not just its commitment to exceptional training but also its dedication to creating an immersive and unforgettable experience. Nestled within the American Dream SkyRanch is a bed and breakfast, where aviation enthusiasts can retreat after a day of soaring through the skies. It's more than just a training facility; it's a sanctuary for those who share Thom's passion for flight.

But Thom Richard's contributions to aviation extend far beyond his role as an instructor and entrepreneur. With a decorated career as an air racer and air show demonstration pilot, he brings a wealth of real-world experience to the cockpit, ensuring that each student not only learns the fundamentals but also gains invaluable insights from a true master of the craft.

In our latest episode on Warbird Radio, Thom shares his wisdom, experiences, and invaluable safety tips that every pilot should heed. From pre-flight checks to in-flight maneuvers, his guidance is indispensable for anyone taking to the skies, whether you're a seasoned aviator or an aspiring pilot.

Click play now to listen to the entire episode for free on And if you're ready to embark on your own aviation journey with Warbird Adventures, visit to reserve your class date and experience the thrill of flying under Thom Richard's expert guidance.

Join us in celebrating Safety Month with Thom Richard, where passion, expertise, and safety converge to elevate the art of flight to new heights. Fly safe, fly high, and let your dreams take flight with Warbird Adventures.

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