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The Liberty Foundation's Ray Fowler Talks B-25's & Future Museum Homes!

WARBIRD RADIO - The Liberty Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving historic military aircraft, has revealed a remarkable new paint scheme for their B-25 "Executive Sweet." The eye-catching design pays homage to the aircraft's illustrious history and the crews who served in the Mediterranean during World War II.

Chief Pilot Ray Fowler, in an interview with Warbird Radio, shared insights into the aircraft's fresh appearance. He expressed pride in the transformation, emphasizing the artistic contributions of Chad Hill from Django Studios, who meticulously crafted the nose art.

"It honors the crews from the Mediterranean," said Fowler during the interview. "The actual nose art was painted by artist Chad Hill from Django Studios."

The painting of the full aircraft base coat was skillfully executed by Landlocked Aviation, a renowned aircraft restoration and maintenance facility located in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The team at Landlocked Aviation ensured that "Executive Sweet" would not only be a fitting tribute to its historical significance but also a striking piece of flying art.

The B-25 "Executive Sweet" holds a distinguished place in the annals of aviation history. Manufactured by North American Aviation, the B-25 was one of the most versatile and widely used aircraft during World War II. B-25's saw action in multiple theaters of war, including Europe, the Pacific, and North Africa.

The aircraft, now under the care of the Liberty Foundation, continues to provide living history lessons about the courage and sacrifice of those who served during that era. The new paint scheme for "Executive Sweet" showcases a combination of period-accurate colors and designs that capture the essence of the World War II era. The nose art, featuring striking pin-up artwork, is a tribute to the brave men who flew and maintained these iconic aircraft during the war.

Listeners can tune in to Warbird Radio for the full interview with Ray Fowler and the story of the B-25 "Executive Sweet," as well as updates on the Liberty Foundation's ongoing restoration efforts, including their B-17 project. The organization also has ambitious plans for a future museum home, providing the public with a unique opportunity to experience the rich history of these iconic warbirds up close.

The unveiling of the B-25 "Executive Sweet's" new paint scheme is not only a testament to the Liberty Foundation's commitment to preserving history but also a tribute to the heroes of the past, ensuring their legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of future generations.

[Images courtesy of the Liberty Foundation and Landlocked Aviation]

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