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The Last Interview - Remembering Bud Anderson

WARBIRD RADIO - Over the years we've had the honor of hosting many aviation legends, but few have left as lasting an impression as the late General Clarence "Bud" Anderson. Known for his incredible missions during World War II, where he became a triple ace, Anderson frequently graced our airwaves with tales of his aerial dogfights and his deep wisdom.

While his heroic exploits are well-documented in his book, "To Fly and Fight," and numerous interviews, it was his life lessons and mentoring moments that truly stood out to us. Those were the golden nuggets he shared, providing insights that went far beyond the battlefield.

As we celebrate his well-lived life, we are thrilled to share a special, previously unbroadcast conversation from our archives. This recording, made during a quiet moment at a bustling aviation convention was our last interview with General Anderson. At the time, many believed these might be some of his final days. Yet, true to form, Bud Anderson defied expectations, continuing to inspire and surprise us all.

This unedited conversation between Bud Anderson and his daughter, Kitty, offers no great war stories but is rich with the wisdom and warmth that defined him. It’s a testament to his enduring spirit and the lessons he imparted to all who knew him. General Bud Anderson flew west on May 17th, 2024, at the age of 102. His legacy, however, lives on. You can still purchase his book, "To Fly and Fight," available in print, digital, and audio formats at

Join us as we honor the memory of a true American hero and share in the timeless wisdom he left behind.

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