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The 2023 Oshkosh Spectacular! Ep 652

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

WARBIRD RADIO - Holy smokes! What an incredible year for the annual Oshkosh fly-in. EAA Warbirds of America is having an incredible turn-out, and our friends Lord Bridgewater, and Andy Heins just phoned in an outstanding report!

You can listen to the full episode Oshkosh Spectacular episode by clicking HERE, or the Quick Link below. We caught up with Stephen Bridgewater during his lunch break, and tagging along was his friend Oliver Wheeldon. Toward the end of our conversation, Oliver shared some news on his project to purchase one of the RAF's most historic airfields, the same airfield where the Dam Busters flew from, as well as the Vulcan, and most recently, the Red Arrows.

Take a listen and enjoy the episode! Photo tour from Oshkosh 2023! Images below are all courtesy of Lord Bridgewater.

AirCorps Aviation's recent P-47 restoration, Bonnie!

AirCorps Aviation's recent P-51 restoration, Thunderbird (spotted in Vintage)!

We'll also think of Vlado when we see Moonbeam! P-51D

Something you don't see everyday! Notice the Admiral's stars still in place.

Jim Tobul's F4U-4 Corsair "The Korean War Hero"

DHC-1 Chipmunk

Someone likes to polish...and polish...and polish! But wow! Spectacular.


The Bearcats! Everyone needs at least one Bearcat in their life.

Lord Bridgewater and Oliver!

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