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John "Skipper" Hyle from the Museum Of The Forgotten Warrior Talks To Warbird Radio!

WARBIRD RADIO - We're thrilled to announce a special guest appearance by John "Skipper" Hyle from the Museum Of The Forgotten Warrior. Skipper joins host Matt Jolley to share exciting updates about the museum’s upcoming airshow appearances, summer projects, and valuable insights for warbird operators new to the airshow scene.

The Museum Of The Forgotten Warrior is dedicated to remembering and educating the next generation about the unsung heroes of World War II—those service members who didn’t always make the headlines but were essential to the war effort. From instructors and maintenance crew to those who supported on the home front, these individuals played crucial roles in securing victory.

During his appearance on WARBIRD RADIO, Skipper will provide a sneak peek into the museum’s plans for the summer, including airshow schedules and new exhibits. He will also share practical tips and advice for warbird operators looking to break into the airshow circuit, offering his wealth of experience and expertise.

Tune in to hear Skipper’s stories and learn more about the mission of the Museum Of The Forgotten Warrior. You can find them online at and on social media. Don’t miss out—download this episode and get inspired by the legacy of those who quietly but heroically contributed to winning the war.

Stay tuned to WARBIRD RADIO for more updates and interviews that bring history to life.

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