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Flying To Pearl Harbor - Dec 7th 1941

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

[Image of Roy Reid's B-17 courtesy of USAF - USAF Photo]

WARBIRD RADIO - Roy Reid has an incredible story. He flew to Pearl Harbor for a quick stop over on his way to the Philippines. The only catch was his arrival date, December 7th, 1941. His unbelievable story was first told to Matt Jolley back in 2009, but lives on as one of the 1st shows released from Warbird Radio's extensive archive.

"Mr. Reid's story is honestly one that just has to be told. I met him through friends while attending an RC airplane event, and quickly scheduled an interview. Captivated from his 1st word, the hour flew by." Says Warbird Radio's Matt Jolley. The famous image of Roy Reid's burned up B-17 is a haunting reminder of the numerous tragedies that happened on December 7th, and his story is one that echos many from that day.

You can listen to Roy Reid's complete interview via the Quick Link above.

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