X-35B Propulsion System – Video Preview Tour

WARBIRD RADIO – Go behind the ropes at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum and see the X-35B and it’s unique  propulsion system!  To hear the complete interview with the Curator of Modern Military Aircraft Dik Daso just click on the Quick Link below.

QUICK LINK:  Warbird Radio Presents – The X-35B Story

Warbird Radio Presents – The X-35B Story

WARBIRD RADIO – Get up close and personal with the X-35B and its unique propulsion system.  For the first time ever the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum’s Hazy Center is displaying the X-35B with its science-fiction-looking lift fan and engine.

During this special Warbird Radio Presents we’ll hear from Mr. Dik Daso, the former Curator of Modern Military Aircraft, and we will learn about this unique chapter in military aviation.  For more information on the Smithsonian’s X-35B just click on the Quick Link posted below. Thanks for listening!

QUICK LINK:  The Smithsonian’s Website

QUICK LINK:  Matt’s F-35 Experience


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