Air Raid Radio – Diane Carlson Evans – Episode 4

WARBIRD RADIO – This month on Air Raid Radio we continue our chat with Vietnam Veteran Diane Carlson Evans who served as a Nurse in Pleiku. We discuss what it was like for women to serve in Vietnam and Diane’s involvement in founding the Vietnam Women’s Memorial Project. This is the second in our show series featuring women who served in Vietnam.

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Warriors & Warbirds Museum Saves Vietnam Cargo Plane – Soon To Fly!

C-123K-PollyWARBIRD RADIO – Congratulations to our friends at the Warriors & Warbirds museum in Monroe, North Carolina.  Warriors & Warbirds recently acquired a rare Fairchild C-123K Provider.  According to a recent statement “Warriors & Warbirds is pleased to officially introduce our newest member of the fleet. The Ponderous Polly C-123K Provider.”

The Provider was first designed as an assault glider for the United States Air Force and later developed into a powered multi-role transport platform.  Many C-123’s were scrapped after service in the Vietnam War due to one of their primary missions, spraying Agent Orange defoliant.  Warriors & Warbirds hopes to have their C-123K back in Monroe, North Carolina for their annual air show this November.

For more information on Warriors & Warbirds just click the Quick Link posted below.

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John Mollison & X-POW / F-4 WSO Dick Francis – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Ep 514

DickFrancisKeyIMAGEWARBIRD RADIO – Aviation artist, author and historian John Mollison is featured on this episode of Warbird Radio LIVE!  John is currently working on a series of Vietnam War drawings and invited former Prisoner of War / F-4 Weapons System Officer Dick Francis to join in on the conversation as well.  Don’t miss a minute of this incredible story.  The show is available On Demand NOW by clicking the play button below.  Thanks for tuning in.

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Warbird Radio Presents – EAA’s Timeless Voices Interview With Danny Russell

Warbird Radio Presents - EAA's Timeless Voices Interview With Danny Russell

WARBIRD RADIO – EC-47 crew member Danny Russell talks about his experiences in Vietnam during this special Warbird Radio Presents. Our thanks to the Experimental Aviation Association and Zach Baughman for making this program possible. For more information on the Timeless Voices of Aviation Oral History Program just click on the Quick Link posted below.

QUICK LINK: EAA’s Timeless Voices


USAF Museum Presents Adrian Cronauer

Adrian Cronauer's Story - Courtesy of The National Museum of the USAF

WARBIRD RADIO – Join us for a special presentation courtesy of the National Museum of The United States Air Force.  Adrian Cronauer is a legend in the world of radio.  Most notably as the inspiration behind Robin Williams character in Good Morning, Vietnam.  Here Mr. Cronauer’s story…and what he’s doing today.  Enjoy!

QUICK LINK:  The National Museum of The United States Air Force

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