Sun-N-Fun Update – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Friday (10am EASTERN)


Sun-N-Fun 2011 Update - Friday - 10am (EASTERN)

FRIDAY – Tune in for a complete update on Sun-N-Fun 2011. Steve Brown from the Commemorative Air Force will be joining us and we’ll be taking your calls and questions as well. If you’d like to call in the contact info is posted below. Thanks for listening.

STUDIO LINE: 478.787.4768

SKYPE:  warbirdradio


Mac Hodges B-29 UPDATE!

WARBIRD RADIO – Chances are you’ve seen the crash video…now’s your chance to see the repairs.  Matt Jolley caught up with B-29 builder John Monaghan for a full update.  For the most part, the airplane is back together and almost ready to go.  The massive model should be flying soon.  Enjoy!

QUICK LINK:  John’s Website – The Aeroplane Factory

RC Scale Builder Update – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Friday

MikePicSmall Founder - Mike Chilson - Warbird Radio LIVE! - Friday 10am (EASTERN)

FRIDAY – Mike Chilson from will join us with an update on this week’s happenings.  Plus we’ll have some big news about next week’s shows.  Thanks for listening.

STUDIO LINE:  478.787.4768

SKYPE: warbirdradio


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