SHOW CENTER The Airshow Podcast – Kirby Chambliss!

WARBIRD RADIO – Happy New Year!  Kirby Chambliss talks to us after dropping his daughter off at school and Friendly Jerry’s attorney calls us for a chat.  You’ve been warned before – but – if you truly have nothing better to do, take a listen!

SHOW CENTER The Airshow Podcast – EAA’s Dennis Dunbar!

WARBIRD RADIO – EAA’s Dennis Dunbar joins Ric, Rob and Matt on this episode of SHOW CENTER The Airshow Podcast.  Take a listen!


SHOW CENTER The Airshow Podcast – Bleeping Turtles, Bob Saget and Sonic Booms

WARBIRD RADIO – On this episode Rob and Ric find the bleeper and Matt discovers the RAF Red Arrow’s announcer looks like Bob Saget.  Save yourself the half hour and don’t bother listening.  Oh yeah…the guys also talk about snapping turtles.  Seriously, just don’t listen.

SHOW CENTER The Airshow Podcast – Michael Goulian

WARBIRD RADIO – Air show legend, Red Bull Air Racer and all around good guy – Michael Goulian shares some news about his upcoming season and inside tactics for flying the race course.  Take a listen, share it with your friends and enjoy a laugh or two (we sure did).

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