From The Archive – Warbird Radio Presents – The Bob Batterson Story

CAPT R.E. “Bob” Batterson (USN RET) shares his story during a special Warbird Radio Presents.

WARBIRD RADIO – Tune in and take off this week with Pearl Harbor survivor and F6F Hellcat pilot CAPT R.E. “Bob” Batterson (USN RET).  CAPT Batterson shares his story this week during a special Warbird Radio Presents.  To listen to the full podcast just click the play button below.  Thanks for listening.

CAPT R.E. “Bob” Batterson Gallery

1st American Plane Shot At In WWII “The Real Story” – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Wednesday

Small Airplanes Along The Shoreline In Hawaii - Warbird Radio LIVE!

WEDNESDAY – In the movie Tora! Tora! Tora! a small plane spots the Japanese as they approach Pearl Harbor.  In real life, civilian instructor pilot Cornelia Fort was flying a student pilot in an Interstate Cadet.  Ms Fort soon figured out the military airplanes flying toward her were Japanese.  She quickly landed the little Interstate Cadet after becoming the first American pilot shot at in WWII.

This Wednesday on Warbird Radio LIVE veteran air show pilot and Interstate Cadet aficionado Kent Pietsch joins Matt Jolley to share the story of his latest Interstate Cadet restoration project.  The airframe was registered to the same flight school where Cornelia Fort worked and was definitely in Hawaii December 7th 1941.  Could this be the actual airframe Cornelia was flying?  Tune in at 10am (EASTERN) for all the details on this amazing story.

QUICK LINK:  Kent Pietsch’s Website

STUDIO LINE:  478.787.4768

SKYPE:  warbirdradio


Sikorsky JRS-1 Update – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Wednesday

Sikorsky JRS-1 - Safely Inside It's New Home

WARBIRD RADIO - The world’s only surviving Sikorsky JRS-1 has safely arrived to it’s new home.  The National Air and Space Museum moved the historic Pearl Harbor veteran to the newly constructed Mary Baker Engen Restoration Hangar located behind the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.  The new hangar will soon become the museum’s premier restoration facility.  Museum staff members are quick to point out that no “opening” date has been issued and for now the public is not permitted to tour the facility.

Once open museum visitors will have a birds eye view of restoration activities taking place inside the cavernous hangar.  The Sikorsky JRS-1 is one of the first (and rarest) of all the aircraft in the museum’s collection to make it’s way to the new restoration hangar.  The JRS-1 has never been on public display but thanks to the new facilities ingenious design that will soon change.  For more information on the JRS-1 click on the Quick Link below.


QUICK LINK:  The National Air & Space Museum Blog

JRS-1 Photo Gallery

JRS-1 Video Link


Pearl Harbor Special – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Monday


Warbird Radio LIVE - remembers the attack on Pearl Harbor - Monday morning 10am (EASTERN).

MONDAY – Join us for a special Warbird Radio LIVE as we remember the attack on Pearl Harbor.  The program will start at 10am (EASTERN) and we hope you’ll be a part of the conversation as we remember “the date which will live in infamy”.  If you’d like to share a special story regarding the attack at Pearl Harbor please call in.  You can also write in via email…  Thanks for listening.

STUDIO LINE: 478.787.4768

SKYPE:  warbirdradio


Warbird Radio Presents – The USS Lexington Story


USS Lexington - Museum on the Bay in Corpus Christi, TX

WARBIRD RADIO PRESENTS – She’s one of the most noted aircraft carriers of World War II and today serves as a reminder of America’s fight for freedom.  Join USS Lexington – Museum on The Bay’s Executive Director, F.W. “Rocco” Montesano, for an in-depth discussion about the Lexington’s past and future.  Additionally…be sure and check out the photo gallery posted down below.  For more pictures of the “Lady Lex” (including several taken off the public tour routes) log in to our subscriber section.  Thanks for listening!

BROADCAST DAILY:  05:00 – 11:00 – 18:00 – 22:00 (EASTERN)  WEEK OF 11/28/09

CLICK “Continue Reading” for photo gallery of the USS Lexington.

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