British Aircraft Names – The Hartman & Hilt Show – Episode 12

HartmanNHiltBritishWARBIRD RADIO – As always…we apologize ahead of time before you listen to this broadcast.  This week’s episode is what happens when middle school boys discover there are airplanes named after moths (just minus the real middle school boys).  Hartman & Hilt discuss the Puss Moth and much more on the show we’re simply calling “British Aircraft Names”.  Listen at your own risk.  Cheers!

Download now by clicking on the play button below.  Thanks for listening. 

Warbird Radio LIVE! – Wednesday AirVenture Broadcast – Episode 512

Oshkosh2013WednesdayKEYIMAGE_EDITWARBIRD RADIO – On this episode Matt Jolley is joined by The Hartman & Hilt boys as well as several special guests.  Famous aviatrix Myrt Rose stops by for a quick chat as well as Pete Heins.  Don’t miss a minute of our AirVenture 2013 coverage.  Thanks for tuning in!

QUICK LINK:  AirVenture 2013

The Hartman & Hilt Show – AirVenture 2013 Edition – Episode 10

H&HOshkoshShowEDITWARBIRD RADIO – Join the Hartman & Hilt guys as they explore AirVenture 2013. On this special episode the guys welcome Tony Mazzolini from the B-29 “Doc” restoration group plus Larry Kelley and Lynn May from the Disabled American Veterans Flight Team and Ed Humphries of Toys and Models Corporation.

Listen in and laugh the hour away from Oshkosh.  Thanks for tuning in!

QUICK LINK:  B-29 “Doc”

QUICK LINK:  Toys & Models Corporation

Gettin’ Ready For The Oshkosh Road Trip – The Hartman & Hilt Show – Episode 7

HnHRVPicWARBIRD RADIO – On this episode Andy Heins takes over the show and a series of dramatic events unfold that would make even the most die-hard Spanish soap opera fan question their sanity.  In other words…it’s situation normal for The Hartman & Hilt Show.  After the team regains their vector they discuss proper planning procedures for traveling to Oshkosh and EAA’s AirVenture 2013.

Be sure and join the team for a special show recording at AirVenture 2013.  For details stay tuned!  Thanks for listening.


The Dayton Air Show – Hartman & Hilt Show – Episode 5

HNHKeyImageWARBIRD RADIO – This week the boys attend the 2013 Vectren Dayton Air Show.  Hear the sites and sounds from one of the largest aerial events in the United States.  Patrick and Mike will also check in with some of their friends from the Moraine Airpark (I73) and continue their discussion on the finer points of flying.  Join Mike, Patrick and Andy this week by downloading the show below.  Thanks for tuning in!


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