Warbird Radio Presents – The Grover Sassaman Story

WARBIRD RADIO – Here’s one from the archive.  We originally broadcast this episode in 2010 but the story is well worth playing again.  During WWII Grover Sassaman was one of Pappy Boyington’s mechanics.  At one point in the war he even advised General Douglas MacArthur (on directions to the head). He’s a great guy with a warm smile and personality to match.  Today he continues to run his Harley Davidson dealership in middle Georgia.  On the day we recorded the interview he passed us in the parking lot on his way to the open road on the Harley in the above photo!  The Grover Sassaman Story is one you’ll surely enjoy.  Thanks for listening!


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The “Pappy” Project – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Tuesday


Filmmaker Kevin Gonzales - Warbird Radio LIVE! - Tuesday - 10am (EST)

TUESDAY – Hear the story of the grass-roots effort to honor a WWII Hero in the town of his birth.  Filmmaker Kevin Gonzales will share the story of his documentary “Pappy Boyington Field”.  Find out how this small town controversy turned into something wonderful.  It all happens Tuesday at 10am (EASTERN).  Thanks for listening.

Quick Link To Film:  Pappy Boyington Field Documentary

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