UPDATE – Memphis Belle Restoration Reaches Major Milestone! – PHOTO TOUR

Memphis Belle - Restoration Photo Tour

WARBIRD RADIO – The famed B-17 Memphis Belle is currently under restoration at the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio.  According to a recent press release, the restoration crew is celebrating a major milestone including the mating of the left wing to the fuselage and the extension of the landing gear.

The Memphis Belle, a B-17F Flying Fortress, is one of the most famous aircraft in history. In May 1943 it became the first U.S. Army Air Forces heavy bomber to complete 25 missions over Europe and return to the United States.

The pilot, then-Lt. Robert Morgan, named the aircraft after his wartime girlfriend, Margaret Polk, of Memphis, Tenn. Lt. Morgan chose the artwork from a 1941 George Petty illustration in Esquire magazine.

Upon their return to the United States in June 1943, the Memphis Belle’s crew flew the aircraft across the country on a three-month war bond and morale boosting tour. With the bond tour and the 1944 William Wyler documentary film titled The Memphis Belle — depicting actual combat footage — the aircraft and its crew became widely known and celebrated. In 1990 a major motion picture of the same name added to their fame.

For many, the story of the Memphis Belle has become a timeless symbol of all the heroic U.S. Army Air Forces’ bomber crews who flew against Nazi Germany in World War II. In need of a thorough restoration, the Memphis Belle arrived at the National Museum of the United States Air Force in October 2005. A careful, multi-year conservation and restoration effort by museum staff — including corrosion treatment, the full outfitting of missing equipment and accurate markings — will bring the Memphis Belle back to pristine condition.

QUICK LINK:  The National Museum of the United States Air Force

B-17 Memphis Belle Restoration Photo Tour

Dr. Harry Friedman – The Warbird Rescue Hour – 6/16/11 – 8pm (EASTERN)

The Memphis Belle Restoration - The Warbird Rescue Hour - 8pm (EASTERN)

WARBIRD RADIO – This week we are honored to have Dr. Harry Friedman on the show.  Dr. Friedman, along with the rest of the Memphis Belle Memorial Association (MBMA) are the reason why we are lucky enough to have this national treasure with us today.  If not for their efforts she would have been lost years ago.  Today the Memphis Belle is under restoration at the National Museum of the United States Air Force.  Dr. Friedman and the rest of the MBMA continue to work in helping with it’s restoration and eventual display in the museum at Dayton, Ohio.  Listen in Thursday night at 8PM EST and also be sure to check out Dr. Friedman’s book Dispelling the Myths about the Memphis Belle.

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Memphis Belle Movie Stars Reunite!

Memphis Belle Small

Memphis Belle movie stars reunite during the 2009 Warriors & Warbirds Airshow! Tune in Monday morning for a special interview with actor Matthew Modine on Warbird Radio LIVE!

SATURDAY- For the first time in nearly 20 years actor Matthew Modine and B-17 N37036 (“The Movie – Memphis Belle”) were together again.  In 1989, N37036 flew to England to play the staring role as the Memphis Belle and Modine signed on to play the part of pilot Robert Morgan.  It was while filming that Modine actually received flight instruction in 036 from the real Robert Morgan.  Saturday was the first time Modine had seen 036 since filming the movie in England.  Modine tells Warbird Radio he was in town (Monroe, NC) filming a movie and heard 036 was at the airport.  While visiting the airshow Modine graciously signed autographs and even took the opportunity to meet with a WWII Veteran & B-17 pilot who was touring the plane before him.

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