The Great Chipmunk Adventure – Lethbridge Video Update!

WARBIRD RADIO – Enjoy a quick video of our flight from Driggs, ID to Lethbridge. The Alberta International Airshow is going on…and we’re taking it in before we head to Oshkosh. The CF-18 that crashed can be seen during the arrival clips. The pilot is ok. The airplane…didn’t fair so well. Enjoy!

Matt Jolley

Lethbridge Update – The Alberta International Airshow!

Lethbridge Update - The Great Chipmunk Adventure!

WARBIRD RADIO – After a long day of flying…we’re here in Lethbridge!  Our route took us over Yellowstone and lots of beautiful terrain.  I’ll do my best to edit the flight video tomorrow and have it posted tomorrow night.  The F-18 accident set us back several hours (because of runway closures).  Thankfully everyone survived.  Local news is reporting the pilot is bruised up…but remarkably un-injured.  This weekend’s show is still on.  Hope to see you here.

Matt Jolley

Lethbridge Update – Photo Gallery

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