An Airman’s Story Presents – B-26 Pilot Ben Ostlind

WARBIRD RADIO – Join host Leon J. DeLisle this week for the first episode of a special three-part series on WWII B-26 pilot Ben Ostlind. An Airman’s Story is a 501C3 Non-profit that depends solely on your gifts to survive. For more info on this special project visit them online via the Quick Link below. Enjoy the episode, and thanks for listening! Show debuts Monday 6/21/10. See schedule for details.

QUICK LINK: An Airman’s Story

An Airman’s Story Presents – Tuskegee Airman Otis Finley Jr – Part II

An Airman's Story Presents - Otis Finely Jr - Part II

WARBIRD RADIO  – Join host Leon J. DeLisle as he continues his interview with WWII Tuskegee Airman pilot Otis Finley Junior.  Hear Mr. Finley’s stories…in his own words during this special two part series.  An Airman’s Story is 501 C3 “Non Profit” corporation and depends soley on your giftfs.  For more information visit them online via the QUICK LINK below.  Thanks for listening.


QUICK LINK:  An Airman’s Story

An Airman’s Story Presents – Hal Woods

An Airman's Story Presents - WWII Aerial Gunner Hal Woods

WARBIRD RADIO – This week An Airman’s Story features the tails of WWII aerial gunner Hal Woods.  Join host Leon J. DeLisle for an in-depth conversation with Mr. Woods about his WWII experiences.  For more information on An Airman’s Story visit them online by using the Quick Link posted below.  Thank you for listening!

QUICK LINK:  An Airman’s Story

An Airman’s Story – Now Playing!


Col. Bud Anderson (RET) is featured on this week's episode of An Airman's Story. 01:00 - 16:00 (EST)

WARBIRD RADIO – Fly along as retired Colonel Bud Anderson recounts his adventures on An Airman’s Story.  This program allows Airman to share (in their own words) what it was like during WWII, Korea, Vietnam and today.  For more information on this continuing project, please visit An Airman’s Story online by using the quick link down below.  Show times are also listed below.

QUICK LINK:  An Airman’s Story

SHOW TIMES: 01:00 EST – 11:00 EST – 15:00 EST – 21:00 EST

An Airman’s Story – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Monday


Find out about Warbird Radio's next big show - Monday - 10am (EASTERN)

MONDAY – We’re announcing the next big show to hit the airwaves on Warbird Radio.  Leon J. DeLisle will join us at 10am (Eastern) to share the details of our new show… An Airman’s Story.  Find out all the details tomorrow morning.  Thanks for listening.

STUDIO:  478.787.4768

SKYPE:  warbirdradio


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