Jim Tobul – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Thursday – 10am (EASTERN)

Jim Tobul - Warbird Radio LIVE! - Thursday

THURSDAY – We’re broadcasting LIVE from Sun-N-Fun with Corsair pilot Jim Tobul.  Tune in for a special Warbird Radio LIVE this Thursday morning at 10am (EASTERN).  As always your calls and comments are welcome.  The studio contact info is posted below.  Thanks for listening.

QUICK LINK:  Korean War Corsair

Warbird Radio Presents – An F-86 Story

Warbird Radio Presents - An F-86 Story

WARBIRD RADIO – This week on Warbird Radio Presents we go behind the ropes and tour an F-86 restoration going on at the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, Georgia.  Restoration volunteers Gary Schnell and Jeff Summey are working to restore the museum’s F-86 “H” model.  Aside from a full cosmetic make-over, the team is also repairing everything under the skin as well.  When the project is complete this will truly be a treasure for future generations to learn from and enjoy.

SHOW DEBUTS – MONDAY – 05-17-10 AT 11:00 AM (EDT)

F-86 Restoration Photo Tour

Span: 39 feet 1 inch
Length: 38 feet 8 inch
Height: 15 feet
Weight: 21,852 lbs max
Armament: Four 20mm cannons and eight 5-inch rockets or 2,000 lbs of bombs
Cost: $178,000
Serial number: 53-1511

Maximum speed: 692 mph
Cruising speed: 603 mph
Range: 1,040 miles
Service ceiling: 49,000 feet

QUICK LINK:  Museum of Aviation

Specifications courtesy of the Museum of Aviation’s website.

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