Joe Kittinger – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Friday


Col Joe Kittinger going to work at over 102,000 feet! He's on Warbird Radio LIVE! - Today

FRIDAY – If you need a break from the door busters and turkey leftovers try Warbird Radio LIVE!  Today it might be a re-run, but it’s a show that deserves a second helping.  Col. Joe Kittinger (USAF – Retired) is an American hero.  He’s a former test pilot, fighter pilot, Vietnam P.O.W., world record skydiver and record-breaking balloon pilot.  The sky has been Joe’s office since his early twenties and there’s still no sign of him moving to the “ground floor”.  Joe is a pilot’s pilot and a truly great guy.  Tune in today and find out why this show is one of our most requested. 

Thanks for listening!  Show starts at 10am (EASTERN).

Legendary Aviators – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Friday

FRIDAY – You’ve been asking for it…and now you’re going to get it.  We’re digging through past shows and putting together the best of the best.  Listen to segments with Dutch VanKirk – Joe Kittinger – Roy Reid and Steven Hinton.  Each guest has proven themselves as a pioneer in some form or fashion.

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