Finding Fairchild

WARBIRD RADIO – Every aviator dreams of finding an old airplane.  Here’s your chance to tag along and pull an old Fairchild 24 out of the woods.  Jason Barnett is one of the most creative minds in aviation art and his one-of-a-kind inventions often start with finding something like the Fairchild 24.  Enjoy the video and visit the Quick Link below for more information on Jason Barnett.  Thanks for watching!

Artist Jason Barnett – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Thursday – 10am (EASTERN) (Photo Courtesy Jason Barnett)

THURSDAY – Artist Jason Barnett joins Matt Jolley on Warbird Radio LIVE!  Tune in and find out about the super secret “airplane” vehicle projects Jason has been working on…plus much more.  The show starts this Thursday morning at 10am (EASTERN) right here on   Thanks for listening!

QUICK LINK:  Jason Barnett’s Website

STUDIO LINE: 478.787.4768

SKYPE: warbirdradio


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