Warbird Radio LIVE! – Patty Wagstaff – Episode 646

WARBIRD RADIO – Legendary aviator Patty Wagstaff talks flying and her new Sporty’s Pilot Shop video series on aerobatics.  Take a listen – take a flight (see link below). 

QUICK LINK:  Patty Wagstaff 

SHOW CENTER The Air Show Podcast – ICAS President John Cudahy

WARBIRD RADIO – Ric, Rob and Matt welcome the President of the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) Mr. John Cudahy.  With the annual convention in Las Vegas fast approaching, Cudahy brings some new information to the table.  Thanks for listening.

QUICK LINK:  ICAS Convention

The World’s Only Flying C-97 – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Episode 632

WARBIRD RADIO – Tim Chopp founder of the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation joins Matt Jolley with a full report on their C-97’s recent post restoration flight.  On November 7th 2017 the Angel of Deliverance took flight after a lengthy restoration with Tim Chopp and his crew.  Tim’s organization is no stranger to operating large four engine aircraft.  Since 1988 the foundation has owned the Spirit of Freedom C-54 and they’ve told the story of the Berlin Air Lift to countless people.  

Matt also welcomes International Council of Air Shows President John Cudahy with news on the airspace privatization efforts underway in Washington.  This proposed legislation would dramatically effect the air show industry in the USA and subsequently the operation of vintage military aircraft.  Hear both stories tonight (11/14/17) starting at 8pm ET.  To join the conversation just use the contact information posted below.

A special thank you to photographer Corey J. Beitler for allowing us to use his image of the C-97.  

LIVE Broadcast begins at 8pm 11/14/17 – Podcast will immediately follow.

QUICK LINK:  Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation

QUICK LINK:  International Council of Air Shows

STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768

SKYPE: warbirdradio

Warbird Radio LIVE! – Planes of Fame Air Show Lawsuit Update – Episode 623

WARBIRD RADIO – We’re focusing this week on the lawsuit filed in San Bernardino County against Planes of Fame’s annual air show.  Tune in for aviation attorney Steve Tupper’s comments along with International Council of Air Shows President John Cudahy with thoughts on what this means for air shows across the USA.

Mr. Tupper has generously provided a lawsuit tracking page on his website (linked below) for those interested in ready the court documents.  WarbirdRadio.com will continue to follow this story as it develops.

QUICK LINK:  Steve’s Lawsuit Tracker

STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768

SKYPE: warbirdradio

Team FROST & Air Show Innovative Safety – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Episode 620

WARBIRD RADIO – As safety month continues this week we’ll focus our attention on innovative air show safety ideas.  Robert Yanacsek and Joe Sarber have teamed up to form the Fast Response Operations Safety Team or FROST.  Team FROST has one purpose:  save the life of any performer with the fastest, most effective response possible.  Robert and Joe have a lifetime of experience as first responders and can now bring their professional skills together with their passion for air shows and aviation. 

Matt also welcomes the International Council of Air Shows Director of Operations, Mr. Dan Hollowell to Warbird Radio LIVE.  Mr. Hollowell will highlight some of the new ideas and innovative processes currently being implemented via the International Council of Air Shows.  Your calls and comments are always welcome.  Thanks for tuning in!


QUICK LINK:  International Council of Air Shows

STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768

SKYPE: warbirdradio

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