AirVenture 2013 – “Day 1” Monday In Review!

Day1KeyImageWARBIRD RADIO – AirVenture 2013 is officially off and running and Day 1 is in the books.  Perfect weather and the world’s largest aviation event all make for a wonderful time.  Matt Jolley and the Hartman & Hilt crew spent Monday collecting stories for their first broadcast Tuesday morning.

Conrad Huffstutler’s Grumman Wildcat was first on the list to visit.  His restoration is absolutely perfect.  The airplane “is as it was” when it rolled off the assembly line (down to the cartridge starter).  Next up to see was our old friend Herb Stachler (P-47 pilot / D-Day Pilot / DFC).  Herbie was a VIP guest during Warbirds In Review and will make a grand entrance on Tuesday with several other vets on-board Texas Flying Legends C-47.  In preparation of the big arrival TFL had re-enactors paint D-Day stripes on their C-47 Monday with mops and brooms in the same fashion the original stripes were laid 69 years ago.

Another highlight was watching Mike Porter and Scooter Yoak show their airplanes off to David Born a WWII P-51 pilot.  Mr. Born flew with famed fighter pilot Robin Olds in the 434th Fighter Group and reunited with the P-51 earlier today.  The air was filled with stories as the 90+ year old warrior set in the cockpit of Scooter’s P-51 Quick Silver.  The glow in his eye was infectious and the stories were captivating.

Before leaving, the Mr. Born’s friend commented to WRL’s host Matt Jolley “I’ll bring him by for a real interview Tuesday” and we’re hoping it happens.  As with everything at Oshkosh the day ends too quickly.  We spent the evening with the Metro Warbird Association and EAA’s Chairman of the Board Jack Pelton stopped by.  As our team goes to sleep this evening… rest assured we’ll be in full force tomorrow.  If you’re in the area please stop by the Disabled American Veteran’s display and say hello (just look for the B-25 Panchito).

PHOTO TOUR:  Day 1 In Review

Gettin’ Ready For The Oshkosh Road Trip – The Hartman & Hilt Show – Episode 7

HnHRVPicWARBIRD RADIO – On this episode Andy Heins takes over the show and a series of dramatic events unfold that would make even the most die-hard Spanish soap opera fan question their sanity.  In other words…it’s situation normal for The Hartman & Hilt Show.  After the team regains their vector they discuss proper planning procedures for traveling to Oshkosh and EAA’s AirVenture 2013.

Be sure and join the team for a special show recording at AirVenture 2013.  For details stay tuned!  Thanks for listening.


The Big Summer Spectacular (Well Almost) – The Hartman & Hilt Show! – Episode 4


HnHGolfCartMAINIMAGEWARBIRD RADIO – With summer in full swing the boys decided to pull out all the stops and put together “THE BIG SUMMER SPECTACULAR”.  We’re still looking forward to hearing that show… but until we get it this one will have to do.  Enjoy the “almost” big summer spectacular until then.  Thanks for tuning in!

FYI…if you have a question for Hartman & Hilt be sure and post it in the comment section below or on the Warbird Radio Facebook page. 

What Will They Think Up Next – The Hartman & Hilt Show! – Episode 2

Hartman&HiltLayingOnTheGrassWARBIRD RADIO – The boys overstep their boundaries with Andy this week and put him on the spot.  Plus, Buzzer and Starfish figure out how to debate the tried and true “wheel landing -vs- three point” question without ending up behind bars.  Fashion tips, questions from the mail bag and a buzz job by a Ryan Navion are all part of the fun.

Despite it’s redeeming qualities…listening to this broadcast will result in the loss of a perfectly good hour.  If you’re up for a good time…download the show now at your own risk.

QUICK LINK:  The Hartman & Hilt Show 

New Show Previews – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Episode 502

HartmanandHiltKEYIMAGEWARBIRD RADIO – Two new shows are starting this week and we can’t wait for you to hear them!  The Hartman & Hilt Show debuts Tuesday and Over The Front kicks off this Wednesday.  What a lineup…what a week!  Mike Hartman and Steven Skinner both join Matt Jolley with a preview of their new shows.

The Hartman & Hilt Show (weekly on Tuesday’s) is truly hangar talk at it’s finest.  Capturing the rare moments when the props stop turning and the fun commences, these guys are pros at keeping the conversation interesting.  Over The Front is a new venture by our friends at the League of WWI Aviation Historians.  In the past we’ve hosted League Week on Warbird Radio LIVE.  Now we’re offering the same great content, but in it’s own show.  This new monthly series is sure to quickly become a hit on Wednesdays.  Thanks for tuning in!


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