Warbird Radio Presents – The Bill Cheolas Story

WARBIRD RADIO – One of the least told airman stories of World War Two is that of the Army Air Corps glider pilot.  Bill Cheloas was one of hundreds of pilots that flew troop transport gliders into combat in the last years of the war.The IX Troop Carrier Command flew WACO CG-4A gliders full of troops across the Rhine River on March 24, 1945 in what was called Operation Varsity, the largest operation of it’s kind.

Bill tells us the story of his flight into Germany, under fire and unarmed, an amazing glimpse into the last airborne operation of WWII.

Join Host Zane Adams for this special presentation.

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Warbird Radio Presents – The Guy Gunter Story

Guy Gunter seen here with one of the few "powered" airplanes he flew during WWII.

WARBIRD RADIO PRESENTS – Fly on silent wings with WWII glider pilot Guy Gunter. His story is definitely a “must hear”. Find out what it was like flying a glider during the Normandy invasion and much more. For more info on WWII, glider missions click on the Quick Link below. Thanks for listening.

SHOW DEBUTS MONDAY 4/19/10 at 11:00am (EDT)

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