A Conversation With Heroes – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Ep532

Matt-Conversation-With-Heros-WEBWARBIRD RADIO – This past December, during the International Council of Air Shows annual convention in Las Vegas, WRL’s Matt Jolley had the privilege of hosting A Conversation With Heroes.  The event featured fighter pilot and triple ACE Bud Anderson, fighter pilot and Tuskegee Airman Charles McGee, and RCAF Lancaster bomber tail gunner Si Campbell.

The stories and life lessons contained in this conversation are well worth the time.  We hope you enjoy!

A special thank you to the International Council of Air Shows for making this re-broadcast possible.

QUICK LINK:  International Council of Air Shows

F-16 Fighter Pilot & Filmmaker Christopher Vasquez – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Thursday

F-16 Fighter Pilot & Filmmaker Christopher Vasquez - Warbird Radio LIVE!

THURSDAY – F-16 Fighter Pilot and Filmmaker Christopher Vasquez joins Matt Jolley on Warbird Radio LIVE!  Tune in this Thursday at 10am (EASTERN) and hear all the latest details on Christopher’s project “Magnificent Nation”.  A brief description and photo gallery are below:

At A Glance…

Magnificent Nation

124 Minute Fiction; Action + Drama

Balad, Iraq: Officers from both sides of the razor wire, one an Air Force fighter pilot and the other a former Iraqi Grenadier, merge in escalating conflict fueled by extremists. Each of the men fight as they’ve been trained until the more careful eyes of fatherhood illuminate a split-second opportunity to alter fate and define their magnificent nation.

Vasquez’ flight experience and US Air Force approved story “Magnificent Nation” merge with the cultural and production expertise of Iraqi film producer Furat Al Jamil as they collaborate to partner with top Studio talent and deliver an unprecedented cinema experience, transporting the audience to where modern combat aviation intersects millenniums-old culture.

QUICK LINK:  Magnificent Nation

STUDIO LINE:  478.787.4768

SKYPE:  warbirdradio

EMAIL:  matt@warbirdradio.com


Warbird Radio Presents – Fighter Ace “Boots” Blesse

Warbird Radio Presents - Boots Blesse (Photo By Gary Velasco)

WARBIRD RADIO PRESENTS – On this episode we sit down with legendary fighter ace Major General “Boots” Blesse.  In addition to over 650 combat hours during his second tour in Korea he was credited with destroying 9 Mig-15 aircraft and one LA-9. General Blesse is also an accomplished author with two published books…No Guts, No Glory and Check Six: A Fighter Pilot Looks Back. Sit back…relax…and enjoy the converation.

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