Nose Art Guru Gary Velasco – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Tuesday – 10am (EASTERN)


TUESDAY – Our good friend Gary Velasco checks in with Matt Jolley on Warbird Radio LIVE!  Find out what Gary’s been up to this summer and learn about an exciting aviation nose-art documentary that’s in the in the works.  Showtime is 10am (EASTERN) right here on  Thanks for tuning in!

QUICK LINK:  Fighting Colors

STUDIO LINE: 478.787.4768

SKYPE: warbirdradio


AeroCinema’s Philip Osborn – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Monday -10am (EASTERN)

MONDAY – Philip Osborn from joins Matt Jolley on Warbird Radio LIVE!  Find out how they’re re-creating some of aviation’s seldom seen history.  The show starts at 10am (EASTERN).  To join in on the conversation use the contact info below.  For more information on a Quick Link has been placed below this story.  Thanks for listening!

QUICK LINK:  AeroCinema’s Website

STUDIO LINE:  478.787.4768

SKYPE:  warbirdradio


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