The Great Chipmunk Adventure – Regina Update!

deHavilland Chipmunk Photo Tour

WARBIRD RADIO – We’re on our way to Oshkosh!  The 2010 Alberta International Airshow is over and tonight we’re bedding down in Regina, Canada.  Tomorrow we’re flying three legs.  The plan is to leave Regina and fly to Minot, North Dakota.  From there we’re headed to a small airport about 2 hours from Oshkosh.  Tuesday morning we’ll complete the trip with an early arrival to the big show.

Several of you have written me and asked for a photo tour of the deHavilland Chipmunks we’re flying.  So… today I snapped a few pics of the Canadian bird.  The pictures are posted below.  Enjoy!

Matt Jolley

Canadian deHavilland Chipmunk – Photo Tour

The Great Chipmunk Adventure – Lethbridge Video Update!

WARBIRD RADIO – Enjoy a quick video of our flight from Driggs, ID to Lethbridge. The Alberta International Airshow is going on…and we’re taking it in before we head to Oshkosh. The CF-18 that crashed can be seen during the arrival clips. The pilot is ok. The airplane…didn’t fair so well. Enjoy!

Matt Jolley

Alberta International Airshow – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Thursday

Alberta Internation Airshow - Warbird Radio LIVE! - Thursday

THURSDAY – Robb Engen from the Alberta International Airshow joins us on Warbird Radio LIVE!  This year Hawk 1 will be performing as well as Tora! Tora! Tora!.  Details tomorrow morning at 10am (EDT).  Plus… Mike Chilson will check in with WRL’s Matt Jolley whose’s preparing to fly from Driggs, ID to the airshow in Alberta and then on to Oshkosh.  He’s taking the trip in a deHavilland Chipmunk…  It’s not fast…but the big adventure should make for a great story.  Tune in tomorrow for all the fun.  Thanks for listening!

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DeHavilland Chipmunk – Photo Tour

DeHavilland Chipmunk - Photo Tour - Now Showing

WARBIRD RADIO – It’s fun to fly…very light on the controls and highly maneuverable.  Our photo tour of the DeHavilland Chipmunk is now available.  Over 30 pictures are posted inside the Subscriber Section of this historic aircraft.  For a few select pictures of the “Chippie” just click Continue Reading down below.

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