From The Archive – Bill Coleman’s D-Day Experience

D-Day-paratroopers-WEBWARBIRD RADIO – In 2007 my wife and I (along with a group of friends) went to Dresden, Germany with WWII “D-Day” paratrooper Bill Coleman.  The last time Bill Coleman was in Dresden was during the fire bombings of WWII when he was held prisoner inside a church and left for dead.  After surviving the attacks his captors put him to work stacking bodies, the smells were forever burned into his memory.  During our trip Bill sat down for an interview with me and shared his experience during D-Day, what it was like being captured and eventually escaping towards the end of the war.

A few years after our visit to Dresden I asked Bill to come on Warbird Radio and share some additional thoughts.  My wife joined me during our conversation and the resulting interview is what you’ll hear below.  This is the raw tape, un-edited – his story, his words.  We lost Bill several years ago and I think about him every Veterans Day and especially June 6th.  Let’s never forget…

Matt Jolley


D-Day’s Lead Airplane Discovered – CAF’s Adam Smith – Warbird Radio LIVE!

ThatsAllBrotherMAINWARBIRD RADIO – The Commemorative Air Force needs your help saving the C-47 that lead the US paratroopers during the D-Day invasion.  C-47 92847 better known as “That’s All Brother” was discovered recently in Wisconsin.  An article on shares a little about the discovery and how it was made:

“Matt Scales, the historian who tracked down the C-47 that led the main D-Day paratroop drops to Basler Turbo Conversions, shared his latest discoveries about his historic airplane.

“I found out that while it did lead the main force, we had the name of the aircraft wrong. The name of the aircraft was That’s All—Brother. We discovered this fact when we came across this footage of the C-47 taking off from Greenham Common,” writes Scales.”

Today, the Commemorative Air Force is working hard to save “That’s All Brother”.  This Tuesday evening (6/9/15 at 8pm ET) Adam Smith joins Matt Jolley on Warbird Radio LIVE with an in depth look at the plan to return “That’s All Brother” to her former self.  Hear all the details by tuning in for this special broadcast.

FYI…the guys from Warbirds News will also join the fun with a look at the headlines.  Thanks for tuning in.

QUICK LINK:  CAF’s Kickstarter Campaign

QUICK LINK:  Warbirds News

67th Anniversary of D-Day – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Monday


MONDAY – Join us as we remember the 67th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy…D-Day. Matt Jolley will be on location from the Museum of Aviation’s new award winning D-Day exhibit in Warner Robins, Georgia. Tune in tomorrow and help us pay tribute to our D-Day vets.
QUICK LINK: The Museum of Aviation
STUDIO LINE: 478.787.4768
SKYPE: warbirdradio

WWII Airborne Demo Team – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Wednesday


World War II Airborne Demonstration Team - Warbird Radio LIVE! - 10am (EST)Â

WEDNESDAY – Join Colonel George A. Hicks from the World War II Airborne Demonstration Team on Warbird Radio LIVE.  Col. George will be taking your calls and questions about all things ADT…so get them ready.  The fun starts at 10am (EST) right here on Warbird Radio.

QUICK LINK:  World War II Airborne Demonstration Team

STUDIO LINE:  478.787.4768

SKYPE:  warbirdradio


D-Day Survivor Bill Coleman – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Wednesday


Soldiers prepare to jump on D-Day. Join Bill Coleman tomorrow at 10am (EASTERN) for his first hand account.

WEDNESDAY – We’re rebroadcasting our most popular shows this week as a preview of our Subscriber Section.  Tomorrow find out what it was like for the boys who jumped on D-Day.  Join Bill Coleman tomorrow on Warbird Radio LIVE!  The show starts at 10am (EASTERN).  Thanks again for listening!

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