Congressman Sam Graves Legislative Update – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Episode 590

WARBIRD RADIO – There’s major legislation for aviators taking shape in 2016.  On this episode Matt Jolley welcomes warbird pilot and US Congressman, Sam Graves to Warbird Radio LIVE.  Congressman Graves serves on the United States House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and will provide an update on the AIRR Act.

According to a recent committee news release:

“Under the AIRR Act, the federally chartered air traffic control corporation will be governed by a board representing the aviation system’s users and the public interest.  The comprehensive reauthorization bill also streamlines the FAA’s aviation equipment and aircraft certification processes, provides additional improvements for consumers, addresses aviation safety issues, gives the FAA more tools for the safe integration of unmanned aircraft systems, and provides for airport infrastructure improvements across the country”.

The news release also points out that the AIRR Act was approved by a vote of 32 to 26 in committee (Graves voted against).  Congressman Graves will also address some of the recent rule making concerning model aircraft enthusiasts and Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) members.

Also on the show tonight is Sean Elliott from the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA).  Sean is the Vice President of Advocacy and Safety for the EAA and will explain the EAA’s position on this pivotal piece of proposed legislation.  According to a recently published letter on the EAA’s website:

“As one congressman said this week, this would be the biggest divestment of taxpayer property to private interests in world history, so why have the bill’s authors been so secretive about its contents prior to introduction and now so determined to hurriedly ramrod it through Congress?” asked EAA CEO/chairman Jack Pelton. “ATC privatization will put the big squeeze on general aviation in a way that threatens the individual freedom of flight and hands control of America’s airspace to commercial and airline interests.”

Join us for a complete update tonight at 8pm EASTERN.  Your calls and comments are welcome as well.



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SPECIAL REPORT – FAA & EAA’s Sequestration Update – Episode 506

STOCKAirshowT6WARBIRD RADIO – With all the rumors floating around about what really happened between the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), WARBIRD has collected interviews from those closest to the story.  On this special episode of Warbird Radio LIVE you’ll hear from EAA Spokesperson Dick Knapinski, International Council of Air Shows President John Cudahy, the Commemorative Air Force’s President Stephan Brown as well as Congressman Sam Graves (R-MO).

Immediately after our show was recorded Friday afternoon (6/14/13) Laura J. Brown, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Public Affairs with the Federal Aviation Administration responded to our email asking specifically about:  1)  fees requested for EAA’s annual fly-in and 2) potential fees for air shows.  Ms. Brown replied “We’re pleased that we reached an agreement with EAA that balances both the needs of the air show and the demands of the current fiscal environment.”  Regarding the alleged fees for air shows she responded, “the fee information is incorrect.”

Warbird Radio LIVE’s Matt Jolley asked Ms. Brown to clarify her response regarding the alleged air show fees and she further stated, “we [the FAA] enter into reimbursable agreements to cover our incremental costs, we don’t charge blanket ‘fees’.”  As the sun sets across the United States this Friday evening there still seems to be more questions than answers regarding how the FAA intends to operate during the sequestration environment.  As always, WARBIRD RADIO.COM we’ll keep you up to date as this developing story continues to unfold.

To hear the show simply press the play button arrow at the bottom of this story.  Thanks for listening.





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UPDATED: Congressman Sam Graves & CAF President Steve Brown – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Wednesday – 10am (EASTERN)

WEDNESDAY – Congressman Sam Graves (R-MO) and Commemorative Air Force President Steve Brown join Matt Jolley on Warbird Radio LIVE to discuss the recent activity surrounding a possible amendment to the House National Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 4310).  News about a possible amendment that would allegedly “ground certain warbirds” first surfaced last week.  Congressman Mike Turner (R-OH) has been at the center of this controversy although his office quickly points out the news is all based on “mistruths”.  When invited to take part on Wednesday morning’s broadcast Turner’s office sent the email published below:

Hi Matt,

Mr. Turner isn’t available for an interview. I would like to pass along this statement which makes clear that he does not support grounding aircraft as some have said. It’s unfortunate that mistruths about an amendment which is nowhere in the National Defense Authorization Act, nor has one been submitted, have been spread.

Turner Statement on Military Heritage Aircraft

Washington D.C. “Congressman Mike Turner (OH-3) released the following statement on the flying of military heritage aircraft and the FY2013 National Defense Authorization Act:

Dayton is home to the National Museum of the Air Force, and has the largest collection of historical military aircraft in the world. I know the value and importance that the facility has in honoring sacrifices of our veterans and as a symbol that freedom isn’t free. The Warbird community plays an important role in bringing WWII era aircraft to our nation’s citizens. These propeller-driven craft are ambassadors of freedom’s price and I do not support grounding any of them.

My concern lies in the potential for military jet aircraft to be transferred to civilians for flight without the same rigorous training and maintenance schedules that pilots and aircraft underwent when they were in service. In fact, the Department of Defense was asked by Congress to conduct a study on post-1947 military aircraft and what concerns the department has with their being flown. In short, the Department both in the report and through their policies does not support these aircraft from being transferred to civilians for flight.

I look forward to working with the Warbird community to see that they continue to stay in the air. Their contributions have inspired Americans young and old, and will do so for years to come.


Tune in this Wednesday morning at 10am (EASTERN) for the latest news surrounding this story.

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STORY UPDATE – Comment From the National Museum of the United States Air Force


The proposed legislation was not an initiative of the National Museum of the

U.S. Air Force. Since Congressman Turner proposed the legislation, you may

wish to contact his office for additional information.

The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force’s loan agreements already hold a

long-standing restriction on flying (which is consistent with Federal law

and DOD regulations).

You may also wish to do an on-line search to see the following documents:

– Donation of Surplus Personal Property, Title 41 of the Code of Federal

Regulations, Part 102-37.460, special terms and conditions applicable to the

donation of aircraft and vessels

– Study and Report on Feasibility of Transferring Aircraft from a Military

Department to a Non-Federal Entity for the Purpose of Restoring and Flying

the Aircraft, House Report 111-491, to accompany H.R. 5136, the National

Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year (August 2011)

– Defense Materiel Disposition Manual (DODM-4160.21M), Chapters 4 and 6

– Air Force Instruction 84-103, USAF Heritage Program

Rob Bardua

National Museum of the U.S. Air Force

Public Affairs Division

U.S. Congressman Sam Graves – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Monday

MONDAY – U.S. Congressman Sam Graves (R-MO) joins Matt Jolley on Warbird Radio LIVE!  Congressman Graves (also a warbird pilot) inserted several provisions into the Federal Aviation Administration Reform Bill that is headed for the President’s desk. Graves was able to secure language for several aviation priorities that we’ll discuss on the show.  In addition, the FAA bill contains no user fees, something that general aviation interests fought hard to keep out.  Tune in this Monday morning at 10am (EASTERN) for all the details.  Thanks for tuning in.

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