The EC-121 Video Tour!

WARBIRD RADIO – Go inside the EC-121 currently under restoration at the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, Georgia. The Naval Aircraft Restoration Foundation is helping the museum maintain this classic beauty.  For more information on the Lockheed Constellation visit the Museum of Aviation’s website via the Quick Link below.

QUICK LINK:  Museum of Aviation

Go Inside The C-141 Starlifter

The C-141 Starlifter - Photo Tour

WARBIRD RADIO – Go inside the massive C-141 Starlifter!  The C-141 was once the workhorse of the Air Mobility Command.  Fully loaded the Starlifter could carry 200 troops and be modified for 30 different missions.  Today the C-5, C-17 and C-130 continue to carry out the mission of this legendary “heavy lifter”.

C-141 Starlifter – Photo Tour

Span:  160 feet
Length:  168 feet 4 inches
Height:  39 feet 3 inches
Weight:  323,100 pounds max
Engine:  Four Pratt & Whitney TF33-P-7 turbofan engine of 20,250 pounds of thrust each
Cost:  $8.1 million
Serial Number:  65-0248

Speed:  500 mph
Range:  unlimited with in-flight refueling
Service ceiling:  41,000 feet

QUICK LINK:  Museum of Aviation

Specifications courtesy of the Museum of Aviation’s website.

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