The Mighty Hercules – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Episode 631

WARBIRD RADIO – Colonel Larry Gallogly (RIANG – Retired ) from Lockheed Martin Corporation joins Matt Jolley on this episode of Warbird Radio LIVE!  Before going to work for Lockheed Martin, Colonel Gallogly was the Wing Commander for the 143rd Air Lift Wing in Rhode Island. 

Today, Colonel Gallogly oversees Business Development for Air Mobility Programs for Lockheed Martin and there are few people more up-to-date on the C-130J than Colonel Gallogly.  The Mighty Hercules is the longest continuously produced military aircraft in history (over 60 years) and still serves as the backbone of the United States Air Force’s Air Mobility Command. 

Tonight we’ll learn latest on the C-130J and what’s next for this iconic aircraft.  Matt also welcomes Vincent T. Hill with news on his C-45 restoration project.  Mr. Hill is restoring the C-45 that was featured on last year.  As always your calls and comments are welcome!  Just use the contact information below.

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Image courtesy of the United States Air Force

Warbird Radio Presents – The Chief Chuck Teston Story (USAF Ret)


WARBIRD RADIO – On this episode of Warbird Radio Presents, Retired USAF Chief Master Sergeant Chuck Teston shares some life lessons with WRL’s Matt Jolley.  Teston’s 31-year active duty career included being a Looking Glass flight crew member, academic instructor, a first sergeant with the largest communications group in the Air Force, a Senior Enlisted Advisor at the wing and HQ level; superintendent of radio operations and a career advisor.  Along the way, Chief Teston helped pursue the infamous D.B. Cooper and even became an inductee to the Air Force Communications and Information Hall of Fame in 2007.

As the Air Force Communications Command senior enlisted advisor, he visited units at 57 different locations and formed an effective Chief’s Group to enhance career progression of all enlisted personnel. After retirement and another 10 years as an industry telecommunications manager, he moved his family to Gulfport, Miss., where he was elected to the Gulfport City Council and served as President in 2003. A Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce Centurion, he was elected president of the Orange Grove/Lyman Chamber of Commerce for 2007 (USAF Press Release).  Thanks for tuning in!

USAF Photo by Kemberly Groue

Zane Adams Hops A Ride On Fat Albert Airlines!

WARBIRD RADIO – Ever wonder what it’s like to ride along on the Blue Angels C-130 Fat Albert during the airshow? Watch this for a sample of the fun that can be had when the United States Marine Corps takes to the air!  Warbird Radio’s own Zane Adams was fortunate to meet these fine Marines and get a seat on the airplane during Air Power Expo 2011 at NAS Fort Worth.

QUICK LINK:  The Blue Angels

WIX Warbird Weekly LIVE! – Episode 50

WIX Warbird Weekly LIVE! - Wednesday - 4/20/11 - 8pm (EASTERN)

WARBIRD RADIO – The boys are back with an all-new episode this Wednesday night (4/20/11) at 8pm (EASTERN). Hear about Zane’s ride on the Blue Angel’s C-130 “Fat Albert” and much more. As always…if you have a comment or question we’d love to hear from you. The contact information is posted below. Thanks for listening!

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Top Secret Rescue Plane Revealed

02 - Credible Sport C-130

Warbird Radio goes inside "Credible Sport" - YMC-130.

WARBIRD RADIO  – In 1980, three YMC-130’s were heavily modified as part of a plan to rescue hostages held in Iran.  The idea was simple…land the airplane on a soccer field and then leave with the hostages.  Although Operation Credible Sport was never executed, one of the aircraft was destroyed in testing, the second was demodified and returned to service, and the third was retired in 1987 and is now on display at a museum.  Warbird Radio is currently working on a show that will highlight this amazing program and the masterminds who made it possible.

In the mean time please enjoy the photos of the only surviving aircraft.  Just click on the “Continue Reading” button.

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