Smithsonian’s Spirit of Tuskegee Final Journey – Flying Highlights

WARBIRD RADIO – Tag along as USAF Captain Matthew Quy and Smithsonian Curator Dik Daso fly one of the only surviving Tuskegee Airmen PT-13D Stearmans from Moton Field in Tuskegee Alabama to the National Air and Space Museum. For more information search key work:  Tuskegee on Warbird Radio and listen to Episode 326’s podcast.  Enjoy!


Fly The PT-13! – Video

WARBIRD RADIO – Take to the skies in the rare PT-13.  Tag along as we go flying with Jeff Whitford outside Atlanta, Georgia.  Jeff’s rare PT-13 uses a Lycoming R-680 engine.  That’s the difference (in case you were wondering) between the PT-13 and PT-17.  The PT-17 uses a Continental R-670.  Now that you know the difference…let’s go flying!  Be sure and check out the PT-13 Photo Tour as well.

Go Whacko For The WACO

WARBIRD RADIO – Go along for Matt’s first ride in a vintage WACO YMF over Atlanta, Georgia.  Our thanks the James from Biplanes Rides Over Atlanta for making this fun experience possible.  But here’s the best part…  James keeps his beautfiul airplane at the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant on PDK airport (near downtown ATL).  You and your special someone can enjoy a nice  dinner in the historic 57th then take a sunset flight over downtown ATL.  Just a thought for a beautiful fall afternoon…  Enjoy!

QUICK LINK:  Biplane Rides Over Atlanta

QUICK LINK:  The 57th Fighter Group Restaurant

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