Warbird Radio Presents – The Edward Cassidy Story

WARBIRD RADIO – Take flight with A-20 pilot Edward Cassidy.  Find out what it was like for the men of the 388th.  The 388th fought in some of the most remote areas of the world with only the basic necessities and their trusted A-20’s.  Hear their story first hand in this episode of Warbird Radio Presents – The Edward Cassidy Story.  Thanks for listening and please let us know what you think.

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The Edward Cassidy Story – Photo Gallery

Larry Hickey – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Thursday

A-20 Pilot Edward Cassidy and his copy of Rampage Of The Roarin' 20's. Hear the story from author Larry Hickey - tomorrow on Warbird Radio LIVE! - 10am (EST)

THURSDAY – Rampage Of The Roarin’ 20’s author Larry Hickey joins us on Warbird Radio LIVE!  If you’ve enjoyed this week’s Warbird Radio Presents with A-20 Pilot Edward Cassidy…you’ll love this book.  This historic account follows the men of the 312th Bombardment Group (including Edward Cassidy).  To join in on conversation just use the contact info below.  Additionally, if you’d like a copy of the book it’s available via the Quick Link.

QUICK LINK:  Rampage Of The Roarin’ 20’s Website

STUDIO LINE:  478.787.4768

SKYPE:  warbirdradio

EMAIL:  matt@warbirdradio.com

388th Bombardment Squadron – Stories Wanted!


Morris Maroney scouting a wreck in the South Pacific during WWII. Story on 388th is in the works. If you have any info please let us know.

WARBIRD RADIO – I’m currently working on a story about the 388th Bombardment Squadron…but thought these pictures were too good to hold back.  Not long ago I met a man who flew A-20’s in WWII.  As Mr. Cassidy told me about his adventures the stories reminded me of these old photos my father had.  As fate would have it…these pictures were from Mr. Cassidy’s squadron.  The photographs were given to my father by Mr. Morris Maroney who is seen in these pictures.  If anyone has any information (or stories) from the 388th please send me an email.  I’m working on a special Warbird Radio Presents about the 388th so any information or story would be greatly appreciated.


Matt Jolley / matt@warbirdradio.com

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