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AmyNKaraWARBIRD RADIO – The Air Raid Radio Show celebrates women and warbirds.  Hosts Kara and Amy highlight more than just the airplanes but also the women who have flown them and those who still do.  Their stories are worth telling and we’re happy to have Kara and Amy on-the-air.  For more information on Kara and Amy be sure to follow them on Facebook and social media.

This dynamic duo is truly keeping history alive.  Below you’ll find their library of shows.  Check our social media site(s) for upcoming episodes!

  • Air Raid Radio – Rise Above! WASP Edition – Episode 10 February 21, 2019

    WARBIRD RADIO – Kara and Amy talk about Hemlock Film’s latest project on the WASP aviators of WWII.  Hear the story about the new film and more on this episode.  Thanks for tuning in!

    QUICK LINK:  Hemlock Films

  • Air Raid Radio – WASP Shirley Kruse – Episode 9 April 18, 2017

    WARBIRD RADIO – This month on Air Raid Radio the girls interview WASP Shirley Kruse about her service to her country in WWII. We discuss her training, her work, and the fellowship of the ladies she served with. Tune in ...

  • Air Raid Radio – Wing Walker & Warbirder Kelly Garvin – Episode 8 January 31, 2017

    WARBIRD RADIO – Kara and Amy welcome wing walker and warbird lover Kelly Garvin to this episode of Air Raid Radio. Kelly likes long walks on biplane wings and romantic nights working in hangars filled with warbirds. When Kelly’s not ...

  • Air Raid Radio – Heather Penny – Episode 7 June 17, 2016

    WARBIRD RADIO – On this episode, Kara and Amy welcome F-16 aviator Heather Penny.  Hear Heather’s story about flying the legendary fighter and her experience serving in the United States Air Force.  To hear the show click on the download ...

  • Air Raid Radio – EAA Part II – Episode 6 April 18, 2016

    WARBIRD RADIO – Amy and Kara broadcast from the EAA in Oshkosh, Wisconsin for their second episode featuring the museum’s events. They continue their discussion with Chris Henry and Kristy Busse about the EAA’s B-17 Aluminum Overcast, and the story ...

  • Air Raid Radio – EAA’s The Flying Fortress – Episode 5 February 23, 2016

    WARBIRD RADIO – Kara and Amy are broadcasting from the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Amy and Kara discuss the B-17 ride program and Museum Events with Chris Henry and Kristy Busse.  Download this episode by clicking the link below.  ...

  • Air Raid Radio – Diane Carlson Evans – Episode 4 January 5, 2016

    WARBIRD RADIO – This month on Air Raid Radio we continue our chat with Vietnam Veteran Diane Carlson Evans who served as a Nurse in Pleiku. We discuss what it was like for women to serve in Vietnam and Diane’s ...

  • Air Raid Radio AirVenture 2015 Edition – The WASP Story – Episode 2 July 24, 2015

    WARBIRD RADIO – Kara and Amy are back with a new show LIVE from AirVenture 2015.  On this episode, the ladies are joined by WASP pilot Elizabeth “Betty” Wall Strohfus and newly minted Stearman aviator (and air racer) Kayleigh Bordner. Tune ...

  • Air Raid Radio Debuts On Warbird! – Episode 1 April 20, 2015

    WARBIRD RADIO – On Air Raid Radio’s debut episode, Amy and Kara discuss the new PBS documentary “Beyond the Powder: The Legacy of the First Women’s Air Race” and the history of the Powder Puff Derby highlighting Louise Thaden as ...

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