The Wings Over New Zealand Show Live! – Australia Edition – Episode 10

WONZ-AustraliaEditionWARBIRD RADIO – In this month’s episode of the Wings Over New Zealand LIVE,  Dave and Grant are joined by well known aviation journalist and author James Kightly. Dave and James have spent the past 15 days travelling around the states of Victoria, Australian Capital Territories and New South Wales visiting aviation museums and private warbird collections, and attending the “Warbirds Downunder” airshow at Temora, NSW. Along the way they have been recording interviews with some very interesting people involved in warbirds, restoration, conservation, the airshow scene, aircraft recovery and archaeology, and other areas of Australian aviation. These recordings will be released from December onward, through the Wings Over New Zealand Show podcast, under the sub-series banner of “Wings Over Australia”.

This has been Dave’s first ever trip to Australia, so the theme of this episode will be a review of all the various places he’s visited and people he’s met, through a discussion with his Australian based co-host Grant McHerron and his very knowledgeable tour guide James.

(As this is being broadcast from rural New South Wales in Australia, we hope it does not lead to any technical difficulties.)

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The Wings Over New Zealand Show Live! – Glen Turner – Episode 9

Glen-Turner-WEBWARBIRD RADIO – In today’s show we hear from live guest Glen Turner, who not only served on No. 75 Squadron RNZAF as an Armourer, but is also the Secretary of the No. 75 Squadron Association. This squadron was the first foreign squadron adopted by the Royal Air Force in WWII, as No. 75 (NZ) Squadron RAF, and while flying Wellingtons, Stirlings and Lancasters they became one of the most experienced heavy bomber squadrons during the war, and suffered some of the highest casualty rates of any RAF squadron.

After the war they became No. 75 Squadron RNZAF back home and flew Vampires, Canberras and finally Skyhawks in defence of New Zealand, as well as seeing further action bombing the terrorists in the Malayan Emergency. Glen will discuss the famous squadron’s history, and tell us how he and the Association is keeping that history alive today 14 years after the squadron disbanded. We will also hear from Errol Cavit about his recent visit to the Archer Hill Fly-in in Queensland, Australia, and the TVAL Weekends here in New Zealand. Plus the latest warbird news from around New Zealand.

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QUICK LINK:  WONZ Show: The No. 75 Squadron Story Part One 

The Wings Over New Zealand Show Live! – Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary – Episode 8

Deere_WONZ_LIVEWARBIRD RADIO -September’s WONZ LIVE Show we will be marking the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, a very significant battle in which New Zealand airmen took part. Our live guest will be Brendon Deere, who’s uncle Air Commodore Alan Deere was one of the more significant fighter pilots of the battle, and was among the top New Zealand aces. As well as remembering his uncle and the other kiwis who took part, we’ll also be talking with Brendon about his own warbird collection, which includes a Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IXe that accurately represents Al Deere’s personal aircraft, plus a Grumman Avenger and a Harvard, based at his Biggin Hill Hangar at RNZAF Base Ohakea. (coloured photos” Gavin Conroy)

QUICK LINK:  Spitfire PV270 and Biggin Hill Hangar Facebook Page

The Wings Over New Zealand Show Live! – 70th Anniversary of VJ Day – Episode 7

WONZ_Live_Aug_15WARBIRD RADIO – On Saturday the 15th of August 2015 we will mark the 70th Anniversary of V.J. Day, or “Victory over Japan Day”. This was the day that saw rejoicing around the world following the news of the Japanese Empire’s ceasefire with the intention to surrender, finally ending the Second World War.

In this episode we will looking at the Pacific War. In the first half we’ll detail one particular incident that befell the Royal New Zealand Air Force’s No. 14 (Fighter) Squadron when an attempt to ferry a group of Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawks from New Zealand to the front line war zone at Guadalcanal ended in near disaster. This story is told by four veterans who were involved, fighter pilots Noel Hanna and top ace Geoff Fisken DFC, with wireless operator Joe McVicar and air electrician Owen Hicks.

We’ll also have some recent warbird news from around New Zealand and Australia, and for the second half Dave and Grant will be live discussing the Pacific War. If you have an interesting story to tell about the Pacific war, please call in and join the conversation.

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The Wings Over New Zealand Show Live! – Episode 6

Sunderland-EDITWARBIRD RADIO – Dave Homewood and the Wings Over New Zealand Show are LIVE this evening (7/14/15) at 9pm ET. In this month’s Wings Over New Zealand LIVE Show, Grant McHerron talks with his father Jim McHerron about his five years spent as aircrew on Short Sunderland MR.5 flying boats with the Royal New Zealand Air Force. And in the second half of the show Dave Homewood talks with well known vintage aero writer James Kightly of Melbourne, about the upcoming Wings Over Australia tour.

This is a special tour of Australian warbird collections and museums, plus the Warbirds Downunder airshow at Temora, which James and Grant have arranged for Dave Homewood. The results will be a special series of interviews with Australian warbird icons and Air Force veterans for the WONZ Show podcast, under the serial title of Wings over Australia. Plus we’ll have the latest news from the warbird scene around New Zealand.

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Photo Courtesy:  The Late Graeme Cossgrove Collection

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