Air Raid Radio – Meagan Flannigan – Episode 11

WARBIRD RADIO – Kara and Amy interview Commander Meagan Flannigan who is an amazing Naval Aviator. Meagan entered a profession that (at the time) wasn’t even open to women, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams. Tune in for a great episode!

Air Raid Radio – Rise Above! WASP Edition – Episode 10

WARBIRD RADIO – Kara and Amy talk about Hemlock Film’s latest project on the WASP aviators of WWII.  Hear the story about the new film and more on this episode.  Thanks for tuning in!

QUICK LINK:  Hemlock Films

Air Raid Radio – WASP Shirley Kruse – Episode 9

WARBIRD RADIO – This month on Air Raid Radio the girls interview WASP Shirley Kruse about her service to her country in WWII. We discuss her training, her work, and the fellowship of the ladies she served with. Tune in to hear all about the WASP and the amazing things they accomplished. Thanks for tuning in!

STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768

Air Raid Radio – Wing Walker & Warbirder Kelly Garvin – Episode 8

WARBIRD RADIO – Kara and Amy welcome wing walker and warbird lover Kelly Garvin to this episode of Air Raid Radio. Kelly likes long walks on biplane wings and romantic nights working in hangars filled with warbirds. When Kelly’s not thrilling crowds at air shows or turning wrenches on warbirds, she moonlights as a math teacher.

Check out the website below for details! Thanks for listening.

QUICK LINK: Third Strike Wing Walking

Air Raid Radio – Heather Penny – Episode 7

WARBIRD RADIO – On this episode, Kara and Amy welcome F-16 aviator Heather Penny.  Hear Heather’s story about flying the legendary fighter and her experience serving in the United States Air Force.  To hear the show click on the download button below or play it directly from this site.  Thanks for tuning in.

QUICK LINK:  Hemlock Films

QUICK LINK:  Spotlight Business Solutions

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