The Stachler Brother’s Story – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Tuesday – 10am (EASTERN)

TUESDAY – Tune in for a special broadcast of The Stachler Brother’s Story on Warbird Radio LIVE!  Brothers… Herb and Walter both served in WWII and were treated to the flight of a lifetime this past April.  Tune in for all the details this Tuesday morning at 10am (EASTERN).  Our sincere thanks to the Texas Flying Museum, Larry Kelley and photographer Robert Seale for making this story possible.

QUICK LINK:  Texas Flying Legends Museum

STUDIO LINE: 478.787.4768

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IMAGE GALLERY – Images Courtesy Robert Seale & Warbird Radio (All images Copyright 2014)

Go Behind The Scenes Of The Doolittle Raiders Photo Shoot

WARBIRD RADIO – Watch as world renowned photographer Robert Seale captures three of the survivng five Doolittle Tokyo Raiders for an upcoming issue of Air and Space Magazine.  Col. Dick Cole, Maj. Tom Griffin and SSgt. Dave Thatcher were photographed in front of the DAV B-25 Panchito.  For more information on Robert Seale and his amazing work just click on the Quick Link posted below.  Thanks for watching.

QUICK LINK:  Robert Seale Photography

Remembering Tom Griffin And The Latest On Sequestration – Warbird Radio – Episode 395

Copyright Robert Seale

Warbird Radio – Image Copyright Robert Seale

WARBIRD RADIO – This week we remember our friend and Doolittle Tokyo Raider Major Tom Griffin.  Mr. Griffin passed away earlier this week and we thought it appropriate to pay tribute to him on this episode.  We’ll also check in with John Cudahy from the International Council of Air Shows with the latest news on Sequestration and the pending air show cut backs.

QUICK LINK: Robert Seale

Memorial Service for Tom Griffin on Saturday March 9th   11 A.M.

The service will be located at the Green Township Veterans Park, located at 6231 Harrison Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45247
For flowers and information:   Mr. Peter Minges.

NEIDHARD MINGES FUNERAL HOME  3155 Harrison Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45211
Phone number for Funeral Home: 513 6561 3022

Service will include:  USAF Honor Guard, and fly-over (B-25 Tri State War Bird Museum)

Guest Speakers to be announced

Family requests any donations should be made out to:  Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Education Fund.  c/o

Lt. Col. Richard E. Cole  48 Blasch,   Comfort, TX 78013


Doolittle Tokyo Raider David Thatcher

Photo Courtesy Robert Seale (COPYRIGHT 2011 ROBERTSEALE.COM)

WARBIRD RADIO – (From the archive) Doolittle Raider David Thatcher joins Matt Jolley tonight at 6pm (EASTERN).  Mr. Thatcher’s contributions during the raid were made famous by the book and movie 30 Seconds over Tokyo. Tune in tonight for his story!

We’ll also be continuing our efforts to raise money for the upcoming Doolittle Raiders Reunion and B-25 fly-over.  If you’re able to give please call in tonight or send an email to the contact information below.  Our sincere thanks for all the help!

QUICK LINK:  Doolittle Raiders Scholarship Fund

STUDIO LINE:  478.787.4768

SKYPE: warbirdradio


Doolittle Raiders Reunion Pledge Drive – DAY 2 – Tuesday – 10am (EASTERN)

TUESDAY – Help us make the 70th Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Reunion a success by donating some B-25 “gas money” tomorrow during our pledge drive.  We have an awesome lineup of guests and donor premiums lined up for you.  The fun starts this Tuesday morning at 10am (EASTERN) and runs until 9pm (EASTERN).  The special premiums up for grabs include:

1) Robert Bailey Signed Print (Goes to the highest bidder…  Send emails to

2) VMF-214 Singed Print (1/6 prints signed by original VFM-214 survivors)  – Requires a $500.00 Gift

3) Robert Seale’s autographed Dick Cole photograph – $500 gift  (

4) Chad Hill’s signed prints (highest bidder / available for review at (

5) Profile B-25 Print – autographed by Dick Cole – $100 gift

6) CD copy of Warbird Radio Presents – 68th Doolittle Raiders Reunion & Photo Album – $50 gift

To donate just send your email to or call 478.787.4768.  We’ll send over the direct link to the Raiders website where you can submit your donation (which is tax deductible).  Our sincere thanks for the help!

STUDIO LINE:  478.787.4768

SKYPE: warbirdradio


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