Heritage Flight Museum’s Greg Anders – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Ep 584

FortCompositeWARBIRD RADIO – Heritage Flight Museum’s Executive Director, Greg Anders joins Matt Jolley with news on their latest project:  The Lost Aviators of Pearl Harbor.  Had she not been the first of the Women’s Auxiliary Ferring Squadron pilots to be killed in service to the US Army Air Corps during World War II, Cornelia Fort would have been an iconic Aviation Heroine from those Golden Years of aviation during and after World War II.

The most significant aviation experience of her life occurred when she launched to teach a flying lesson over Pearl Harbor before the Japanese attack.  As her student was flying the aircraft to the runway at John Rodgers Airfield (now Honolulu International), she had to take control of the aircraft to avoid being rammed by one of the attacking Japanese aircraft.

Unlike some of the other seven civilian aircraft flying that morning, she was able to dodge the first near ramming, a subsequent air-to-air strafing pass by another Japanese aircraft, and an air-to-ground strafing pass once she had landed and was exiting her aircraft. She and her student managed to live through the day that claimed the lives of 2,335 US Servicemen (1,177 from the USS Arizona) and 68 civilians, even though the airplane she was flying ended up with several bullet holes in it.

Hear Cornelia’s story and Heritage Flight Museum’s incredible “solved mystery” story this Tuesday (12/15/15) at 8pm ET.  For more information just click on the Quick Links posted below.

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