CAF’s 12 Planes of Christmas – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Episode 583

5_PBYCatalina_Fb_HeaderWARBIRD RADIO – Adam Smith and Keegan Chetwynd from the Commemorative Air Force join Matt Jolley on this episode of Warbird Radio LIVE!  The 12 Planes of Christmas is a campaign designed to support the Restoration Grant Fund, a fund created to help restore World War II aircraft back to flying condition.

The CAF has chosen 12 planes that are currently undergoing restoration and maintenance to bring them to airworthy status.  These twelve exciting projects are being undertaken around the nation by volunteers with a desire to see these airplanes fly again so that they may illustrate our history in a fascinating way.  These projects are just 12 of the CAF fleet which stands at 165 aircraft.  Click on the Quick Link posted below to learn more.

QUICK LINK:  12 Planes of Christmas

STUDIO LINKE:  478-787-4768

SKYPE: warbirdradio


2015 Air Show Season Wrap-up – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Episode 582

STOCKAirshowT6WARBIRD RADIO – John Cudahy, President of the International Council of Air Shows, joins Matt Jolley with a look back at the 2015 air show season.  The International Council of Air Shows is dedicated to building and sustaining a vibrant air show industry.  The annual ICAS Convention is coming up December 6th – 9th in Las Vegas, Nevada.  For more information click on the Quick Link posted below.

Hugh Oldham from ProairSHOW, LLC will also join the conversation.  Mr. Oldham works as an show narrator and sound system provider, he’s also known the world over as an air show evangelist through his monthly magazine column.  Hugh’s unique brand of humor and sage wisdom always make for an entertaining show.  Tune in and join in on the conversation and share your stories from the 2015 air show season.

LIVE BROADCAST:  8pm ET – 11/24/15

QUICK LINK:  International Council of Air Shows


STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768

SKYPE: warbirdradio


Wings Over New Zealand LIVE – Australia Edition – 11/24/15 – 9pm ET

WONZ-AustraliaEditionWARBIRD RADIO – In this month’s episode of the Wings Over New Zealand LIVE,  Dave and Grant are joined by well known aviation journalist and author James Kightly. Dave and James have spent the past 15 days travelling around the states of Victoria, Australian Capital Territories and New South Wales visiting aviation museums and private warbird collections, and attending the “Warbirds Downunder” airshow at Temora, NSW. Along the way they have been recording interviews with some very interesting people involved in warbirds, restoration, conservation, the airshow scene, aircraft recovery and archaeology, and other areas of Australian aviation. These recordings will be released from December onward, through the Wings Over New Zealand Show podcast, under the sub-series banner of “Wings Over Australia”.

This has been Dave’s first ever trip to Australia, so the theme of this episode will be a review of all the various places he’s visited and people he’s met, through a discussion with his Australian based co-host Grant McHerron and his very knowledgeable tour guide James.

(As this is being broadcast from rural New South Wales in Australia, we hope it does not lead to any technical difficulties.)

QUICK LINK:  Wings Over New Zealand

STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768

SKYPE: warbirdradio


Texas Warbird Report – The Lone Star Flight Museum – Episode 11

txwbr lsfm copyWARBIRD RADIO – Larry Gregory of the Lone Star Flight Museum joins The Texas Warbird Report to tell us about the exciting new plans for the museum’s move to Ellington Field in Houston, Texas.  This museum is home to one of the finest collections of restored aircraft and aviation exhibits in the nation., including flying WWII Aircraft and the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame.
Erik Johnston from “The Walkaround” will also join  Zane on the show tonight.  Erik has been diligently working in the North Texas area to capture unique video Walkaround tours of interesting warbirds and vintage aircraft narrated by their crews and veterans.

QUICK LINK: Lone Star Flight Museum

QUICK LINK: The Walkaround

STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768

SKYPE: warbirdradio


John Muszala II P-51 “A” Model Story – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Episode 581

Muzalla_A_Mustang_WEBWARBIRD RADIO – John Muszala II joins Matt Jolley on this episode of Warbird Radio LIVE with the story of their P-51 “A” model.  This aircraft’s unique history will make it a fast crowd favorite.  Tune in and join the conversation by using the contact information posted below.  For more on the Muszala family and their shop, Pacific Fighters, click the Quick Link below.  Thanks for tuning in!

FYI…be sure and take a look at the TBM in the pictures (John will fill us in on this as well).

QUICK LINK:  Pacific Fighters

QUICK LINK:  John Muszala II

STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768

SKYPE: warbirdradio



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