Air Raid Radio AirVenture 2015 Edition – The WASP Story – Episode 2

WARBIRD RADIO – Kara and Amy are back with a new show LIVE from AirVenture 2015.  On this episode, the ladies are joined by WASP pilot Elizabeth “Betty” Wall Strohfus and newly minted Stearman aviator (and air racer) Kayleigh Bordner. Tune in and learn the story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) and find out how the next generation of female aviators are continuing in their footsteps.

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One Response to “Air Raid Radio AirVenture 2015 Edition – The WASP Story – Episode 2”
  1. Dave Homewood says:

    Hi Kara and Amy,

    Well done on another fantastic episode of your show! I really enjoyed hearing from your guest Betty, what a great character she is, and an inspiration to many I am sure.

    I have a question about the WASP’s, why did the US Government keep it secret, and for so long too, that girls were flying their war planes? In Britain the Air Transport Auxiliary (made up of men and women) was well known as having female pilots at the time, and they publicised the fact all round the world. The ATA had girls from Britain, the USA, France, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Chile, and even here in New Zealand among its numbers and they were proud that girls were doing their bit flying for the war effort, even if it was mainly ferrying aircraft from factories and maintenance units to squadrons and other units.

    In Russia they even had females among the front line fighting pilots. And Germany had female pilots flying in their war industry too, including the very famous test pilot Hanna Reitsch.

    So why did the USA want to suppress the fact that girls were flying? I cannot understand this. Was it just purely sexism at the top of the ranks? I mean the USA had a lot of female recreational pilots before the war… Surely if they’d publicised it they’d have had far more come forward and help the war effort, but is that what they were trying to avoid, a revolution? Confused…

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