Fires of October Author Blaine L Pardoe – Warbird Radio LIVE! – 11/11/14 – 8pm (EASTERN)

Fires Of OctoberWARBIRD RADIO – New York Times best selling author Blaine L. Pardoe joins Matt Jolley this Veteran’s Day to discuss his upcoming book Fires of October.  Centered around the planned US invasion of Cuba during the missile crisis of 1962, Pardoe says there’s lots of new material inside that explains how the invasion may have unfolded.

Fires of October is the exhilarating military history of the Cuban Missile Crisis exploring in detail the strategic plans implemented by American Armed Forces as they headed towards a catastrophic nuclear collision with Cuba and the USSR. Using recently declassified material, Blaine Pardoe systematically recounts the origins of the crisis, from the Berlin Crisis of 1961 and Cuba s military metamorphosis, to the internal disorganization of the US military, which exacerbated tensions between the USA, Cuba, and the USSR.

Pardoe reveals that the invasion plans were based on old intelligence, outdated maps, and misconceptions about the size, strength, and composition of the Soviet forces in Cuba; for the first time, and with harrowing results, he scrutinizes the potential fallout had the invasion gone ahead. Gripping and unnerving, Fires of October shows us just how close the world came to nuclear war.  Tune in at 8:00PM (EASTERN) – 11/11/14 for this special broadcast.

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