Adventure Lives Here! – Reflections From A Road Sign

Old-Civil-War-FortWEBSITEWARBIRD RADIO – I was driving to the airport yesterday and noticed a sign in the window of a small house “Adventure Lives Here“.  The rest of the drive I couldn’t stop thinking about that sign.  Adventure was once a huge part of a pilot’s life.  Today, I’m not so sure.  Most of us will spend a lifetime trying to prevent adventure.  Everything in our daily life is planned for maximum efficiency and minimum “adventure”.

When we drive to work, most of us go the same way every day.  When there’s a wreck, we have our pre-planned backup routes (which we take all too often).  What we eat, what we do at work, where we shop– it’s all become routine.  There’s absolutely no adventure in most of our lives.  I’m not advocating dangerous flying or cliff diving, I’m just saying most of us have become comfortable in our own routine.

The weather yesterday was perfect: calm winds, warm sun and a bright blue sky.  If I didn’t go flying, I would most certainly be forced to turn in my pilot’s license.  I pushed the Chippie out and blasted off for my usual routine trip around the coast.  As I climbed out the adventure sign became emblazoned in my mind.  I immediately turned right and set a course for the Gulf of Mexico.

About twenty miles offshore is Ship Island.  In the 1800s it was strategically located along one of the only deep water channels on the Mississippi coast.  In 1859 the military decided to strengthen coastal defenses and erected a large fort on the island.  The military held control until the next century.  I decided my adventure today would be to see the fort.  After a short flight the island appeared on the horizon and the stoic image of the fort came into view.

I circled a few times and headed back feeling like I was living again.  It’s been two years since my last real adventure in an airplane.  The book about my two month long sojourn across the United States and Canada is almost finished and I guess I’m in real need of another adventure.  My guess is you are too.  If you want to do something crazy here’s the push to do it.  Neither of us are getting any younger and today’s the only day we know we have for sure.

After pushing the Chipmunk back into the hangar there was just one last thing to do.  I grabbed the big marker I keep in my tool box and a scrap of poster paper.  Next time you see my airplane look for it.  Adventure lives here too!

~Matt Jolley

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