Warbird Radio LIVE! – Thunder Over Michigan Update & The Mystery Pilot Revealed – Ep527

WARBIRD RADIO – We’re on location for day one of the International Council of Air Shows annual convention at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Kevin Walsh from Thunder of Michigan stopped by to share some news about their upcoming show in 2014.

Kevin says the big event will be a tribute to WWII but “mums the word” on any jet team announcements at the time of the broadcast (but we’ll keep you updated).  WRL’s own also Matt Jolley caught up with Scott Yoak and Ashely Battles Josey who both shared some new details on the mystery P-51 pilot.  After several hours of searching and a less than eventful reveal (as promised) we caught up with the mystery pilot for a quick interview.  Take a listen…because you wouldn’t believe it if you don’t hear it with your own ears.  Stay tuned for more fun from the ICAS convention tomorrow.


Matt interviews mystery pilot Toncred Merd.

QUICK LINK:  Thunder Over Michigan

QUICK LINK:  ICAS Convention


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