British Aircraft Names – The Hartman & Hilt Show – Episode 12

HartmanNHiltBritishWARBIRD RADIO – As always…we apologize ahead of time before you listen to this broadcast.  This week’s episode is what happens when middle school boys discover there are airplanes named after moths (just minus the real middle school boys).  Hartman & Hilt discuss the Puss Moth and much more on the show we’re simply calling “British Aircraft Names”.  Listen at your own risk.  Cheers!

Download now by clicking on the play button below.  Thanks for listening. 


2 Responses to “British Aircraft Names – The Hartman & Hilt Show – Episode 12”
  1. Dave Homewood says:

    What has happened to the Hartman and Hilt Show? Is it coming back? It’s great fun.

  2. Staff Writer says:

    As soon as Hilt finishes setting up his N scale railroad and perfecting his Sci-Fi costume collection. We’re hoping soon….

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