“The Restorers” Needs Your Help! – TV Series In The Making


RestorersWARBIRD RADIO – Like everything in life…producing a quality TV series takes money.  Our friends Adam White and Kara Martinelli are currently in production of The Restorers TV series and are looking for investors.  While deep pockets would be nice any amount will help.

Here’s a note from Adam & Kara describing what they’re looking for:  With production of our series The Restorers resuming, our need for support is great….and we need it now.  With support, though, comes rewards for you!  Today we have launched our funding campaign on IndieGoGo.  The way it works?  You can get different levels of rewards, depending on your level of support.  You can receive anywhere from a special thanks to a ride on a WWII B-25 bomber.  Visit our funding site to learn more!

QUICK LINK:  The Restorers Funding Site

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