“The One They’ll Want To Forget” – Hartman & Hilt Show – Episode 1

Hartman & Hilt Episode 1 KEY IMAGE_edited-1WARBIRD RADIO – When the props stop turning at the Moraine Airpark the hangar talk cranks up.  The Hartman & Hilt Show is truly hangar talk at it’s finest.  Come on in to the big hangar and sit down…you’re among friends. Grab a seat, relax a little…and enjoy a typical evening at the wonderful Moraine Airpark. 

FYI…post your questions for Hartman & Hilt in the comments section below.  They’ll answer them on next week’s show!  Thanks for listening.

QUICK LINK:  The Hartman & Hilt Show


One Response to ““The One They’ll Want To Forget” – Hartman & Hilt Show – Episode 1”
  1. Eric Zimmerman says:

    Heard you guys Tuesday and you guys are awesome! I wish I could fly like you guys but I have so much to learn yet. I have a few areas that trouble me when I try to go flying. They never discussed these (and many more) subjects in the Private Pilot kit I bought on eBay. The rest of the kit was pretty good as I only broke two airplanes before I soloed. Anyway, can Buzzard and Starfish talk about these items on their next show?

    1) Explain how the marzelvanes control sisusoidal deplenaration.
    2) If magnetoreluctance were allowed to spill into the Lotus O Delta range (most likely from inductor reactence breakdown), what affect will that have on Vfe?
    3) If a Grand Larson D-1 were flying from Point A to Point B (a distance of 95NM) and at Delta F the spurvic coupling failed causing side fumbling, what action should the operator (Grand Larsons are too complicated for pilots) take in this dire situation?

    Thanks guys!
    Sorry, I won’t be listening next week. I can’t be bothered….I’m on my popcorn break.

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