Over The Front Radio – JR Williams & The League – Episode 1

OverTheFrontEpisode1KEYIMAGEWARBIRD RADIO – On this episode of Over The Front Radio (OTF) host Stephen Skinner visits with League of WWI Aviation Historian’s President JR Williams.  Find out what’s new with the League and what’s in store for OTF Radio.  If you have questions or comments feel free to post them in the section below.

To learn more about WWI Aviation and League of WWI Aviation Historians simply click on the Quick Link below.  Thanks for tuning in!

QUICK LINK:  League of WWI Aviation Historians


3 Responses to “Over The Front Radio – JR Williams & The League – Episode 1”
  1. Kevin Dahlhausen says:

    Glad to see the first show up! It’ll be a day or two before I can listen to the whole thing, but I wanted to thank you guys for putting this together.

  2. David Beckmann says:

    So cool! Thanks guys!

  3. Dave Homewood says:

    Well done Stephen and J.R. – that was a thoroughly interesting and enjoyable show, and I am really looking forward to hearing more episodes in the future. I have recently listened to a free Libravox audio book of Eddie Rickenbacker’s ‘Fighting The Flying Circus’ which was a great listen, and I’m halfway through another audio book from the same group of ‘High Adventure’ by James Norman Hall. My interest in WWI aviation really started properly in 2007 after I attended my first Classic Fighters airshow at Omaka, here in New Zealand, where I saw lots of awesome WWI aircraft in the air. I have been two all the Classic Fighters shows since, and a couple of shows at Hood Aerodrome, Masterton (the home of the famous TVAL collection), and I am really hooked. It is great to see such flying machines, mostly replicas and exact reproductions though several of them genuine items from WWI, flying. I have really begun to take note of the stories of the men behind these machines too, especially the New Zealanders involved.

    Keep up the great work. I have always enjoyed Matt’s ‘League Week’ but I think this show will be a nice step up and become a really excellent and important piece of media. I am looking forward to episode 2.

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