Creative Avionic Solutions – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Episode 501

MGLAvionicsKEYIMAGEWARBIRD RADIO – It’s always a balance between keeping a warbird’s avionics safe and the “look” of the cockpit historically correct.  No matter how many times you hear this topic come up, people have different ideas about the solution.   At the end of the day we all need the basics and this week’s guests have the answers.  Rainier Lamers from MGL Avionics has designed some of the coolest radios (one that’s just over 2 inches deep and fully digital) and glass cockpit systems.  Several of MGL’s solutions are perfect for tucking in behind a false panel or a discrete location.

Scott Yoak also joins us with some practical suggestions about designing the perfect panel and where to stick the “new stuff” without completely destroying the historic look of the plane.  Thanks for tuning in!  We hope you enjoy this broadcast.


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