Warbird Radio’s Matt Jolley To Announce Fly-over During Last Raiders Reunion

Doolittle Raiders ReunionWARBIRD RADIO – Our own Matt Jolley is set to announce the fly-over event during the last Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Reunion.  Being dubbed “30 Seconds Over The Emerald Coast,” the event takes place this Friday at 6pm in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  A slew of vintage warbirds are expected to fly down the coastline in honor of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders.  The finale will be a select group of B-25’s flying off into the sunset.

“I’m honored to be part of such a historic event.  It’s more or less a private air show for the Raiders and their family and several close friends.   I haven’t seen the venue yet, but I’m told it’s a large room with big windows and I’ll be in there providing narration and interviewing the Raiders as the planes fly-by.  An event like this is the ultimate for any air show announcer.  This is the stuff I’ll tell my son about,” says Jolley.

While Matt’s portion of the show will not be open to the public, the fly-overs and radial engine “music” will be heard up and down the coast.   The best view will be from the beach so arrive early and grab a good seat.  For more information on the last Doolittle Raiders Reunion visit the Quick Link posted below.  Coverage begins this Friday right here on Warbird Radio.com.

QUICK LINK:  71st Doolittle Raiders Reunion 

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