Saving The Sandbar Mitchell & Doolittle Raiders Reunion Wrap-up – Warbird Radio – Ep 499

SandBarMitchelProjectWARBIRD RADIO – Here’s the chance you’ve all been waiting for!  Tune in for details on how you can go along with Patrick Mihalek and Todd Trainor as they rescue the B-25 “Sandbar Mitchell”.  44-30733 was on the assembly line directly in front of the B-25J flying today as “Panchito”.  Patrick and Todd are working hard to return 733 to flying status like her sister ship.  For pictures and recovery trip details you can visit the Quick Link posted below.  Speaking of “Panchito”… Matt also checks in with Larry Kelley for a wrap-up of the final Doolittle Tokyo Raider’s reunion held this past weekend in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  Thanks for listening!


Nicknamed “Sandbar Mitchell” after it crashed on a Tanana River sandbar near Fairbanks, Alaska.

North American B-25J-25-NC, serial number 44-30733, has a chance to fly again.


QUICK LINKSandbar Mitchell

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